Female Lead Action Movies

There were times when movies were dominated by male actors and normally movies with male leads were nominated for Oscar and other awards. All the superhero movies in past featured male characters, but in recent years we noticed a change and witnessed some amazing and female lead action movies.

Majority of the female models are now struggling to become actors and the movies like wonder woman proved that women are equally good at acting in action movies. In all the business movies and highest-paid actors, we could only see males in the lead. Women have taken the charge and working hard to compete with men as much as possible to have their movies ranked among the best actions movies with female leads.

Check out Best Hollywood Female Lead Action Movies:

1. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

2. Wonder Woman

3. The Hunger Games

4. G.I. Jane

5. The Heat

6. Charlie’s Angels

7. Rogue One

8. Kill Bill

9. Hanna

10. Resident Evil

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  1. Kill Bill is probably one of my most favourite movie (s), but if I would see the thrailer first, I would think its just a low budget comedy action movie with cheap CGI…

  2. (The Heart ). I liked this movie a lot because aside from being funny as hell, it didn’t have that “feminist agenda” feel, but at the same time it did have it, which meant that it was well made.


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