Fire Retardant Spray

If you are a homeowner in need of a fire retardant spray, you have many choices. But how do you know which one will protect your home and loved ones in the event of a fire?

There are many fire retardants to choose from. We believe the ones that slow fires down and prevent wildfires from spreading are the best solution for protecting your home from fire damage.

For example, PHOS-CHEK HOME DEFENSE, a brand of long-term fire retardants, acts as an external home defense against wildfires. Plus, it’s the same formula used by the USDA Forest Service, which they rely on to prevent wildfires from spreading.

Want to learn more? Please read further. We also provide some other informative facts about fires as well.

Surprising Wildfire Facts

Many people are unaware of just how easily a wildfire can start. According to, a wildfire is an uncontrolled fire that generally takes place in unpopulated, wild areas, but can take place anywhere. They can cause severe harm to anything in their path, including agriculture, animals, human beings, and residential properties.

Firefighters refer to wildfires as dependent crown fires, surface fires, ground fires or spot fires.

Below are additional facts:

  • Humans cause ninety (90%) percent of wildfires. However, some of them can spread relatively quickly across treetops (known as crown fires). Worse off, running wildfires are even more dangerous in that they travel pretty fast, are extremely hot and can also change directions pretty quickly.
  • Certain types of weather conditions play a large part in the occurrence of wildfires. They can create lightning strikes that contribute to fires. Dry spells and prolonged droughts also contribute to wildfires.
  • According to the National Park Service (NPS), human carelessness often results in wildfires and lack of fire safety in general.

How Are Wildfires Put Out?

Below are a few techniques that firefighters use to put out fires safely.

  • Control lines: Setting up control lines used to set or identify human-made or natural boundaries is designed to control where and how a fire may spread.
  • Burning out: Burning out is another technique where firefighters allow the brush to burn within a control line to keep blazes from escaping boundaries that have already been set.
  • Hotspotting: Hotspotting is when firefighters assess a fire’s condition. The most active and most dangerous parts of a wildfire are given the most attention. Firefighters then tackle elements of the blaze that will likely spread and create more damage than others.
  • Knocking down: The knocking down strategy occurs after firefighters perform an initial assessment. They then determine which hotspots should be suppressed immediately to reduce sections of the fire that have gotten too big, too hot and are more threatening.
  • Mopping-up: The mop-up technique takes place once firefighters go back to a control line and clean the area up.
  • Aerial Attack: You’ve no doubt seen this particular technique on the news or in movies. Special firefighting aircraft, including planes and helicopters, will sometimes scoop up water from rivers, lakes, and even your swimming pool. The water is then dropped right on a wildfire. Often, the water is mixed with a foam or powder fire retardant, usually PHOS-CHEK, to create a barrier and keep the inferno from spreading.

Since you likely aren’t trained to use the above techniques, then you can be proactive about preventing fires from occurring around your home. If you live in an area that is prone to wildfires, then that’s all the more reason to use the best fire retardant spray in the market.

What is Fire Retardant?

To retard anything means to slow down or defuse something. Fire retardants are used to smother fires. They work differently than water in that water can cool flames, but evaporates relatively quickly in the heat of the fire. But what is fire retardant made of?

Fire retardants, on the other hand, contain components that cause stickiness that coats the fuel as opposed to it evaporating rapidly like water. The use of fire retardants also keeps fuel cooler and keeps it away from oxygen, which means that the fire won’t burn as well.

How Do Fire Retardant Sprays Work?

Fire retardant’s work in three different ways.

  1. They remove heat.
  2. They coat the surface of the cellulose in things like vegetation and wood.
  3. They make it difficult for the fire’s fuel to find oxygen.
  4. Fire retardants are made up of certain materials that help it perform more effectively. It consists of materials such as specialty sticky gel and aluminum hydroxide. Most are transparent and colorless. However, an additional colored dye is added by firefighters to make it easier for them to see which sections of the fire has already been sprayed.

Why You Should Use Fire Retardants in and Around Your Home

Fires can be very unpredictable, and often there’s nothing that can prepare you and your family from a fire when it occurs. Not only are they intimidating, but they are also disastrous.

If you happen to live in an area that is at a higher risk of wildfires, it puts you in a very vulnerable position and often results in feelings of helplessness.

However, you can change that with the use of fire retardants, which can be used as a form of defense. They allow you to have some control by reducing the risk associated with fires that often results in homeowners losing everything.

What’s the Best Fire Retardant Spray I Can Buy?

Although there are several fire retardants in the marketplace, below are our top 3 picks, in reverse order.

3. Firetect: Our number 3 pick, Fire retardant liquid spray made by Firetect is a highly recommended product. It’s designed for interior use and is usually available in a 32 ounce, clear liquid spray. It’s typically used to protect both fabric and raw wood. This particular product is recommended because one coat of flameproof application meets many of the fire codes that are required and used by fire marshals.

Firetect is a high-performance flame retardant spray that acts as a fire shield on material such as raw wood and a majority of textiles. This water-based fire retardant looks and acts like water. It will also absorb non-porous as well as non-sealed decorative words and many types of textile surfaces. It can also be used on plywood, drywall, oak, pine, cotton, polyester, bamboo fabric, silk, cardboard, various craft papers, gypsum, and insulation.

This brand has also been used and trusted by professionals in the entertainment and movie studios business as well as by event planners, contractors and builders, schools and churches, hospitals, and interior designers.

The Firetect clear interior fireproofing flame retardant is a liquid solution that dries invisible and clear – generally within 24 hours.
The good thing about using the Firetect is that it can extend the life of fabrics and raw wood for up to 3 to 5 years longer if they are well-maintained and kept clean. Simply keep these items free from water, dirt, grime, liquids, and chemicals.

This product also acts as a sealant and a specialty finish for small projects. It has a very mild odor and only requires one coat to be effective.

2. Force Field: Number 2 on our list is Fire Guard by Force Field, and provides an easy way to provide internal flame retardant protection to items in your home, such as carpeting, rugs, curtains, furniture, clothing, wall treatments and other types of fabric surfaces.

This product has undergone various safety testing based on procedures put in place by the National Fire Protection Association, using test method NFPA 701 and Calfire 1237.1. It’s also environmentally friendly because it’s solution does not contain hazardous material. As a result, it is safe to use on both fabrics and other types of flammable and combustible material.

This non-hazardous formula is excellent for use in the home or the office. It can also be used in automobiles and boats.

 1. PHOS-CHEK WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE (Our top pick): WILDFIRE HOME DEFENSE made by PHOS-CHEK is our number one choice for providing an extra layer of protection to protect your home against wildfires.

PHOS-CHEK, a brand of long-term fire retardants, acts as a home defense against wildfires. It works when it makes contact with flames. The PHOS-CHEK treated surface of the anything composed of cellulose (plants, wood, etc.) converts into a non-flammable carbon that will not carry flames. It slows down and prevents fires from spreading.

If however, PHOS-CHEK gets washed off during heavy rainfalls, it can easily be reapplied.

Once applied, PHOS-CHEK can protect your home and property for several months. It is a clear, yet fast-drying formula that can be mixed and sprayed around your home to areas with the highest risks and that are most susceptible to fires.

Although it is invisible, PHOS-CHEK serves as long-lasting protection against wildfires.

Why We Highly Recommend PHOS-CHEK

We highly recommend PHOS-CHEK because it is the same formula used by the USDA Forest Service to reduce the spread of wildfires. It’s also easy to use and can be applied to your property by almost any homeowner.

It’s best to apply PHOS-CHEK Fire defense at the beginning of the fire season as it has material that can protect your property from fires for months at a time.

During the periods where there is a higher risk of fires taking place in your area, be sure to keep PHOS-CHEK wildfire home defense on hand. It can be the most significant defense you have to prevent fires from spreading to your home or property.

PHOS-CHEK HOME DEFENSE comes as a liquid concentrate that you mix with water before use.

We’re confident PHOS-CHEK HOME DEFENSE will provide you with the protection you need to know that you’ve done all that you can to keep your family and your home safe from wildfires.

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