Common Gas Leaks

If your home uses natural gas as an energy source, certain precautions need to be taken to prevent gas leaks. This post will break down the five most common gas leaks and will give you advice on how to avoid them.

Gas Risers

The gas riser is the pipe that connects the gas supply to the gas meter. Gas risers that are made of metal can corrode over time and can develop thin spots that turn into holes that let the gas leak out from the pipe. While the gas company is responsible for maintaining the meter, homeowners need to be responsible for the gas that runs from the meter into the home.

Gas Pressure Regulator Leaks

Gas leaks can also occur in and around the gas pressure regulator. These leaks can occur if someone bumps into the pipe with a tool, or if the part was installed incorrectly. To see if your gas pressure regulator is leaking, try spraying dishwashing detergent mixed with water around the pipe. If you see bubbles form, this will mean that there is a leak in your pipe.

Fireplace Valve Leaks

The fireplace valve controls the gas flow to fireplaces and is a common cause of gas leaks. These valves can wear out over time and will need to be replaced if you smell a gas leak. Hiring a professional gas plumber is usually the safest way to get this problem fixed. Most pilot lights have been replaced by electronic igniters which are much safer in preventing leaks.

Pilot Lights

Gas appliances need an igniter to produce the flame that cooks the food, heat your home, or get hot water. Newer pilot lights have a thermocouple safety device that will shut off the gas supply if the flame goes out. Older appliances might not have this feature.

Gas Pipe Joints and Fittings

Joints in a gas line that have not been properly fitted or tightened can lead to gas leaks. Gas furnaces, ovens, range tops, dryers, and water heaters are connected with a union fitting for quick connection. If these joints were not fitted or installed properly, a gas plumber will need to come by your home to correct the problem.


The easiest way to detect a gas leak is through smell. If you smell something that resembles gas, you should consider contacting one of our Melbourne gas plumber professionals at Service Today. With years of experience serving the greater Melbourne area, our team of experts is equipped to handle any dangerous gas leaks that you have detected in your home.

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