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Real estate investments are as profitable and diverse Condo Unit as any business venture gets. It might seem overwhelming at first, with the numerous amounts of ways your business can go wrong, and the branches of real estate available.

Here are seven things you can look for when buying a condominium unit.


You must consider location before investing in any real estate venture, and the same goes with buying a condo unit. Consider the proximity of your condo location to essential facilities like schools, parks, diners and workplaces. Consider the places you will be going to most often and make sure you condo unit is within distance of these places.

Determine and Understand What your Association Fees will be

Condo communities usually come with monthly, annual, or bi-annual fees allocated to each resident. A legal and properly running condo management will share all financial clauses and statements with buyers. It is important to know exactly how much you will be paying for your condo fees, and how much reserve funds the condo might have in the case of repairs and maintenance. Find out how these fees are distributed, and how the community is expected to pay them.

Insurance in a Building

Find out if the condo unit you are looking at is properly insured, and find out what areas the insurance covers. Some condo associations try to cut on costs by reducing the insurance coverage, and this affects the owners’ investments.

Know the other Occupants

It is important to find out the type of people who you will potentially be sharing facilities and a building with, before buying a condo unit. If you are a young family, looking for a safe and family-friendly environment, you might not want to share a building with youngsters with an atmosphere of loudness and boisterousness. Also, for an elderly couple looking for a retirement nest, they would not want to have to share a building with college students and noisy neighbours.

Research on the Area

Even though you might be first attracted to the condo unit by its magnificent, unobstructed view and it’ calm area, this might change in the future. You should make some research and find out what is going on in the area surrounding the condo you are interested in. Find out if there are plans for development and new construction, and also know what buildings and businesses are in the works in the neighbourhood, as all these will be factors that affect the property value.

Research on the Building

You should find out from your agent your buildings desirability and value in the market. Ask for details on how quickly units sell out in the building compared to other areas, and find out reasons for its downplay in the market, if it has any.


If you like a building with lots of amenities, when looking for a condo unit, make sure that each building comes with amenities accessible to the building inhabitants. Even though people believe that a condo unit with more amenities attracts a higher condo fee, this is not necessarily true, because larger buildings have more tenants to share the costs of maintenance among.


Buying condo units are great investments, and with these tips on the things to look for when buying one, there is less chance of prospective condo dwellers ending up disappointed with their purchase. But it is always recommended that you take help of real estate agents to find the best condo deals. Say for example, if you are from Santa Monica, California, you can consult a Santa Monica real estate agent to find best condo units in affordable prices in that area. If you are from Venice beach area, you can look for Venice beach ca condos for sale. As now you know what to look for when buying a condo, you should make a better decision.


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