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We need to respect and understand our histories in order to learn from them. With culture, however, history takes on a new meaning. It is a chance to Decorating Your House the lives of those who came before us. From how they lived, to what they believed in, we can bring these memories into our lives. This can ground us in roots that run deep, and reflect how we or our parents grew up.

You can celebrate your culture and your history right at home, starting with how you decorate your Living Room. It is how you can embrace your heritage, and how you can teach your children about the stories that have made their family who they are. For those modern families out there, bring together your culture and taste for contemporary décor into one harmonious home by following these tips:

Finding Your Heritage

Relying solely on how you grew up could lead you to missing out on a huge part of your heritage. You owe it to yourself and to future generations to learn all you can so that you can safeguard the traditions that were such a key part to your family’s heritage. If needs be, the start of this journey could even begin by finding out your genealogy and reading up on your family’s histories through as many newspaper clippings as you can find. Learning where you have come from is a fun and rewarding activity for the whole family, and is a great place to start.

How to Decorate Your Home

You will want to ideally decorate your home by using modern curtain decor that match well with your cultural heritage. You can have the best of both worlds, just remember to:

1. Not Go Overboard

It can be fun and exciting to re-immerse yourself with your heritage, but you need to remember that the modern world you grew up in is a part of your history as well. If you love the look of contemporary furniture, then keep it. You can have a good balance between your history and your present, but only if you don’t go too overboard with either one.

2. Pick Up Heritage Items Slowly

If you haven’t grown up with these heritage items and influence, you need to take it slow. Visit areas key to your past and create a personal relationship with the culture. Take back pieces that have the most significance to you, rather than just try to stuff as many pieces in as you can without understanding them.

3. Tips on Displaying Them

The next step will be to find the right accent chest that will help you display your cultural heritage items in a contemporary setting. Finding pieces that work and harmonize well with each other is key. Old and new can work together, as can minimal and colorful, but only if you put thought in how your room balances out.

Decorating your home based on your family’s origin is a great way to respect where you have come from and how you can help your children learn about the stories and histories of those who have come before them.

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