Distracted Driving

The first thing that one needs to know is that being Distracted Driving is wrong as it can lead to accidents since your mind is not focused. Distracted driving has become a very major problem today as many people we have on the road are distracted drivers. This has been the reason as to why there has been an increase in the car accidents which are happening today. The recent changes in lifestyle and technology have been cited as the main reason as to why very many drivers are so distracted on the road.

1. Cellphones are Highly Distracting

Distracted driving study has shown that the use of a cell phone while driving has been attributed to the highest number of distracted drivers on the road and ultimately road accidents. The reason for this is that a majority of drivers will reply to a text message or even send a text message while driving. The study has also shown that most people will make a call or receive while driving leading to a lot of distractions.

2. In Car Activity

The study has also shown that it’s not only the use of a cell phone while driving that can be distracting. This is because today many drivers are engaging in a wide range of activity while driving. The study has shown that eating or drinking while driving can be very distracting as the driver tends to focus more on the food and less on the road.

3. Children are Distracting

Another factor which has been identified as being highly distractive especially for parent driver is when the children are onboard. Parents who travel with their children in the back seat have been found to be highly distracted while driving. This is because they tend to pay more attention to the thing which the children are doing as compared to focusing on the road. The study found that parent will have a lapse of concentration of up to 200 seconds checking on the children.

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4. Mood Can be Distracting

The one thing that people do not know is that the mood which one is in can be very distracting. When the driver is experiencing stress or they are angry then they do not pay attention to the road. This is because the mind is more occupied with the mood that one is experiencing as compared to what is happening on the road. This is why you may find a driver who is totally absent minded while driving which can be very dangerous.

5. Teen Driver are the Most Distracted

Distracted drivers affect people of all ages however study has found that teenagers and young adults who are below 26 years are among some of the most drivers on the road that’s why it’s a must to shop for a cheap car insurance for new drivers under 21. The reason for this is because most of them are distracted by thing such as mobile phones, eating in the car, playing loud music or even applying makeup. The highest percent of fatal crashes have involved young people who were distracted while driving.


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