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Garage doors are often the weakest part of your home security, allowing burglars to easily gain entry, even if you have the latest home security system. To properly secure your home against unwanted entry, invest in a new garage door and look for the safety features outlined below.

Choosing a Garage Door Type

Modern garage doors come in a variety of different styles, all of which offer superior security features compared to older models. The type of garage door you choose will depend not only its safety features but also on your personal needs.

Up-and-over garages doors are the most common style, available as either retractable or canopy doors. However, there are other modern garage doors available to suit different garage dimensions and material specifications.

Roller garage doors have the same mechanism of action as up-and-over doors – opening vertically – but they take up far less space as they roll up when opened. Because they take up so little space, roller garage doors are ideal for anyone looking for a secure door that won’t limit the use of space in their garage and will leave the ceiling unobstructed.

If you find that garage doors with a conventional vertical opening mechanism aren’t suitable for you, then you should consider installing a sectional or side sliding garage door instead.

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Security Features to Look For

When it comes ensuring that your garage door is properly secured, there are some essential features you should look for, no matter which manufacturer you choose to buy from. Although, most reputable garage door manufacturers, like Hormann, go above and beyond to ensure the quality of their products.

PVC is a popular material for garage doors thanks to its low cost and ability to match existing doors and windows on a property, but it isn’t the strongest of materials. Instead, opt for a garage door made from steel as this is far more durable.

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When it comes to the actual design and build quality of your new garage door there are two standards you should look for in regards to the door’s burglary resistance: STS 202, and LPS 1175. STS (Security Technical Specification) 202 tested doors are required to resist attempts to forced entry, while LPS (Loss Prevention Standard) 1175 certified doors are approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board as providing a guaranteed level of safety.

New garage doors often come with automatic operation and locking these days, in which case you should look for a garage door that will have adequate encryption, preventing thieves from easily hacking the system to gain entry, or copying your entry code.

Added Security Options

Heavy duty and highly visibly, door defenders offer additional protection for your garage door by securing your garage door to the substrate. Door defenders work particularly well for single garage doors and will prevent access even if the door itself is unlocked or has a compromised lock.

Security lights are also a good investment for some additional security whether you live on a busy street in an urban area or have a fenced off property. Most break-ins happen at night as burglars use the dark to their advantage, something which powerful security lights will deprive them of.

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