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New parents in the 21st century are constantly being inundated with tips on how to prepare themselves for the challenges they are about to face, but there are precious few resources detailing what they should be doing on a more practical level. If your family is about to get bigger, there are a number of surprisingly simple and practical home improvements you should be making in order to make your home more baby-friendly. Remember, tackling these changes now (pre-baby) will be a lot easier, as once the little one arrives you’ll be surprised how quickly your free time disappears.

Choosing the Nursery

It’s no great secret that babies like to spend a lot of time sleeping. That’s why your new baby’s nursery should be the first room prepared for when you bring them home from the hospital all shiny and new. First of all, you’ll need to actually choose a room and fill it up with all the necessary things your baby needs including a glider for nursery that can be used for a nap while taking care of your baby. Whilst it might be tempting to simply let them sleep in your room indefinitely, giving them their own space helps to nurture a spirit of independence that will be vital later in their development.

Sleepy Time

Whilst babies require a lot of sleep and certainly won’t struggle to get to sleep in the first few months, keeping them in a deep and restful sleep for more than a few hours at a time can prove tricky. That’s why it’s vital to prepare the bedroom and keep it conducive to a settled sleep. A pair of strong, Direct Blinds can go a long way, as they will filter out more sunlight than thin curtains. Also, the room should be kept as simple as possible: cot, changing table, storage and toys. A comfortable armchair is also highly recommended for your own comfort.

Fridge Space

Whether you choose breast milk or formula, your baby will require their own shelf in the fridge. Throw out the sauces you never use and the salad that probably went out a few weeks ago and make space for your new arrival! They might be on a liquid diet now, but it won’t last long.

Safety First

It’s a cliche, but it exists for a reason. Babies are curious by nature and they will explore every nook and cranny of your home if given the chance, especially the places they are not supposed to be. All cleaning products and medications should be stored in high cabinets and even locked away where possible. Young children are also germ sponges and haven’t yet had the opportunity to develop immunities to the many horrible illnesses that can develop as a result of germ exposure. Before bringing your new baby home, make sure the home has been given a thorough clean, taking particular care to sanitise the most germ-centric areas (sinks, handles, light switches). Also, keep anti-bacterial wipes on hand at all times. They are cheap and disposable.

Cutting the Clutter

The easiest practical house tip for new parents we can offer is simply to declutter your home. You’d be amazed how much time and effort a little spring clean can save in the long run.

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