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There are many online certifications that can strengthen your resume, expand your employ ability, increase your potential salary, or simply diversify your skill set. Knowledge is more accessible than ever. Whether you’re an experienced professional or industry newcomer, there are many online qualifications that can set you up for career success. Here are the top 5 ways to gain a new certification online.

1. SHRM-CP Certification

Human Resources professionals play an essential role in employee recruitment and relations, making them a vital part of any company. Earning an HR certification will make you a qualified expert in the HR field who can be an advantage to any organization you are a part of.

Many types of HR certifications exist, like the SHRM-CP certification that can provide you with realistic knowledge about working in the HR profession. This knowledge is transferable across industries.

More than 5,000 employers are looking for professionals with SHRM credentials each month, making this a top choice for those of you looking to jump into a field with lots of room for career advancement and job stability.

2. Contractor License

If you are looking to launch your own contracting business, earning a contractor certification is a sure-fire way to paint yourself as a credible professional and increase your earning potential significantly.

In a lot of states, you can get help with the contractor licensing exam through online resources. For example, Virginia offers a lot of opportunities to those who are considering a career as a contractor. The Contractor’s Institute provides online exam prep courses, promises a training experience that will adequately prepare you for a licensing exam, and ensures you are in compliance with all of the contractor laws and regulations in Virginia.

Most states do not allow unlicensed contractors to do any work that exceeds $1,000, so getting your license can allow you to reap more benefits and build a reputable, trustworthy business.

3. Google AdWords Certification

In 2016, Google AdWords raked in $79.4 billion in revenue, making a Google AdWords certification one of the prime ways to gain expertise about online advertising that you need to succeed in a creative career.

Google AdWords also will give you universally applicable knowledge about PPCs (pay-per-click), SEO (search engine optimization), and Google Analytics. In today’s increasingly digital world, these concepts are important know-hows that make you an asset to any modern company.

Recognition and credibility are also of utmost importance in any industry, so having Google’s stamp of approval instantly makes you a more employable professional.

4. LinkedIn Learning

With thousands of constantly evolving online courses, LinkedIn Learning is a valuable tool for honing the skills that make up your professional personality. There are courses available across all industries taught by experts of all fields.

The skills and certifications you receive on LinkedIn Learning are immediately transferrable to your LinkedIn profile. This on-demand knowledge system will tailor a unique learning experience to you and allow you to expand upon your existing skillset or practice new skills that you think will benefit you in the long-run.

There’s no complicated or time-consuming curriculum—just a convenient database of knowledge that you can access at any time from any device.

5. CompTIA Security +

One of the fastest growing sectors of Information Technology is network security, making the CompTIA Security + certification an excellent tool for landing a job in a high-demand industry.

This certification means you will have a strong understanding of how to detect potential network threats, manipulate access and management controls, and construct network infrastructure.

The exam is only 90 minutes long and can open up a world of opportunities. Most organizations place a lot of importance on trustworthiness and secrecy when it comes to data circulation, so being a cybersecurity professional can increase your earning and hiring potential.


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