House Build

Whether you are considering building your home yourself or hiring professionals to do it, you need to have a plan, for a perfect House Build.

How to Plan Whole House Build

This is an increasingly viable and interesting option in Australia as house prices soar and home ownership declines.

But it’s not just about price and getting on the property ladder. Building your own home gives you the opportunity to create the design that works best for you and your lifestyle.
Of course, you need to take the appropriate steps to plan your whole house build properly. If you don’t then you’ll find an important feature is missed or it costs you far more than anticipated.

Professional Help

You may know exactly what you’re looking for in your home. But, unless you can record this accurately then your buildings might not.

There is also the issue of planning permission which requires specific details of your new home. A professional architect can help you to realize the image in your head. They will point out what is practical and even make some suggestions to improve your design!

They should be aware of local regulations which will help you to get the right permissions.
This should be done first so that you know what size plot of land you are looking for and where it needs to be.

Survey The Plot

The next step is to get topographical surveys completed. Again you’ll need a professional to do this. They will mark the boundaries of the property and advise regarding any rights of way over and under your land.

Access by a neighbor or utility company to a specific spot on your land could be simply annoying or completely detrimental to the project.

It is best to know before you buy the land.

Find A Builder

Unless you are a qualified and experienced builder you are probably going to need some professional help.

This means getting at least 3 quotes from firms that are available to assist you with your build. You can then verify that they are all in a similar price range.

It’s important to remember that cheapest does not always mean best. You’ll need to verify what is included in the build, the firm’s reputation and if there are any penalties for finishing late.


You’ll need concrete for the foundations as well as a digger and several pairs of hands. It is important to decide before you start the build who is responsible for supplying the materials and where they will be sourced from.

If you’re getting them then make sure everything is on site before it is needed; with the exception of the pre-mixed concrete! This will avoid costly and inconvenient delays.


It is much easier to install all the plumbing and electrical wires while the house is being built. You’ll need to make sure you have all the relevant details and materials to allow these to be fitted before the internal walls.

Don’t forget installation in your walls!


The rough frame should be up first, including the roof, but the internal walls are normally completed before the external ones. This aids with plumbing and making any corrections if the dimensions are not as expected.

Only once the interior Walls paint, sockets and plumbing appliances are in position should you finish the exterior walls; including the trim.

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The next step is to add your flooring. Again this should be planned as you may wish to put this down before any non-load bearing walls are created.

Of course this won’t be necessary if you’re looking for different flooring in every area.


You will now be ready to install your bathroom fittings and your kitchen. At this stage the house will start to look a little like it is finished. You are certainly entering the home stretch.

It is important to have planned these rooms out before the build as this will ensure the pipe work and sockets are all in the right position.

To verify this you need to be present as much as possible during the construction phase. This will help to ensure the builders are locating everything correctly. It is much more difficult to change the position of items after the build has been completed.

The most important part of planning is to envision your house and make sure you have everything you need inside it. Then record this vision of what you want, this will ensure you and the builders know what the whole house is supposed to look like.

It’s the details that make the biggest difference.


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