Selling your home

Selling your home is a big decision but it is often an exciting time. It doesn’t matter if you’re upsizing or downsizing; the fact is you’ll be moving on to a new chapter in your life.

Unfortunately the real estate market can be extremely competitive; in order to get the best possible price for your property and get the buyers through your door you need to make the right preparations. This is especially true as the price of houses seems to be falling.

1. Use An Auctioneer

If you choose a reputable auctioneer in Sydney you’ll be able to get an accurate assessment of the value of your home at auction. But, more importantly you’ll be able to get an honest opinion regarding the current market and what features your property has which will help it to sell.

Auctioneers see hundreds of houses and know the prices they sell for; they can give you an accurate estimate of your house and help you emphasize its strengths.

2. Tidy Your Yard

First impressions really do count. It is essential that you tidy your yard. This means removing any clutter or unnecessary items. You should also cut the grass, trim the hedges and weed the driveway. The more loved the house looks when a potential buyer sees it the more they’ll be interested in seeing more.

3. Get An Inspection

Most sellers think that the buyer gets the inspection done and you deal with the issues then. However, you don’t need to wait! If you have an inspection done yourself you’ll know what issues may arise during the sales process and can plan for them now.

This may mean you’re simply aware that you could need to negotiate further on the price. Alternatively you may wish to take remedial action and remove the issue altogether. It certainly won’t harm your chances of selling.

4. Clean It

Clearing up the yard will help to get a potential buyer through the door. However, while some buyers can see past the mess inside a home to find its potential most will not.
It is essential that you clean your home from top to bottom and maintain it that way. A home that appears loved and cared for will automatically be more appealing as people believe it is well looked after and they won’t have any issues. Before you start cleaning your house it is wise to read some home cleaning tips online to achieve your goal effectively.

5. Minimize Furniture

The best way to get a sale is for the buyer to see the house as theirs when they view. This means you need to remove many of the persona objects in your home. Personal items will prevent the viewer from connecting with the house.

However, if you remove too many personal things the home will not feel like your own while you sell. It may also appear to be too impersonal to make the right impact on a potential buyer!

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Getting the balance right means removing some of the personal items without removing all of them; it can be difficult to get the balance right.

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