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Are you watching movie trailers since an hour to choose the movie to watch this weekend? I do this a lot, I spend hours watching and then watch a movie whose trailer I find interesting. Every individual does his search as per his taste and liking, some like business movies some are always looking for action movies and there are few crazy like me love watching high quality horror movies. There may be many great movies coming up till year end but we decided to prepare a list of Top and Best Hollywood Movies of 2018 till date so that our readers can watch all these top rated movies during weekend and they do not have to spend hours reading reviews and watching trailers.

1. BLACK PANTHER – Top Fantasy/Science Fiction Movie

2. LET THE CORPSES TAN – Top Mystery/Crime Movie

3. RYUICHI SAKAMOTO: CODA – Top Documentary Movie

4. NOVEMBER – Top Drama/Fantasy Movie

5. A QUIET PLACE – Top Drama/Horror/Thriller Movie

6. BLACKKKLANSMAN – Top Drama/Crime Movie

7. SWEET COUNTRY – Top Drama/Thriller Movie

8. REVENGE – Top Thriller/Action Movie

9. BISBEE 17 – Top Western/Documentary Movie

10. LET THE SUNSHINE IN – Top Drama/Romance Movie

11. LEAVE NO TRACE – Top Drama Movie

12. A PRAYER BEFORE DAWN – Top Drama/Crime Movie

13. MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT – Top Thriller/Action Movie

14. THE ENDLESS – Top Fantasy/Mystery Movie

15. FILMWORKER – Top Documentary Movie

16. EIGHTH GRADE – Top Drama/Comedy Movie

17. 24 FRAMES – Top Drama/Fiction Movie

18. ZAMA – Top Drama/Fiction Movie

19. FIRST REFORMED – Top Drama/Horror/Mystery Movie

20. THE RIDER – Top Drama Movie

21. YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE – Top Drama/Thriller Movie

22. LOVE AFTER LOVE – Top Drama Movie

23. MANDY – Top Action/Horror/Thriller Movie

24. ANNIHILATION – Top Action\Horror\Thriller Movie


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