Triple H Net Worth

He well-known Triple H, named by the ring, is an incredible professional wrestler of America. Moreover, he is also an actor and a business executive. Let’s explore his biography to be acquainted with his birthday, family life, childhood, achievements, triple H net worth and fun facts about him.


An American professional wrestler, Triple H named by the ringworld, is known as the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events, and Creative for WWE. He is likewise the co-founder of professional wrestling promotion WWE NXT just as the creator of its namesake TV series.

His on-screen and behind-the-camera roles at WWE implies he benefits significantly from the WWE domain. Here is all that you should be wise about Triple H’s profession and riches. First of all, he wins a base pay of $1 million. However, he procures millions more from bonuses and compensations.

Triple H Net Worth

Triple H, Paul Michael is a popular wrestler with an estimated worth of $40 million.

Triple H Real Name, Wiki, Age, Height, WWE Career

Triple H was brought into the world Paul Michael Levesque on July 27, 1969, in Nashua, New Hampshire and stands 1.93m tall. He started watching wrestling matches from the age of 5 and immediately built up an enthusiasm for the games. To look like his favourite stars, he started devoting much time to bodybuilding. Therefore, he came into view as the champ of the Mr Teenage New Hampshire challenge at the age 19.

The WWE turned into his greatest platform as he immediately settled himself as probably the best wrestler in North America, making him one of WWE’s most valuable acts.

Triple H Wife, House and Kids

Triple H isn’t only a mere WWE employee, but part of the WWE family on account of his marriage to Stephanie McMahon, daughter of WWE majority owner Vince McMahon. That relationship makes him qualified for a considerably larger part of WWE’s future income.

Wife Earnings

Stephanie McMahon who is an on-screen entertainer and Chief Brand Officer of WWE earns at any rate $2 million yearly. At the beginning of 2015, WWE gives an income of over $650 million.

Mansion worth

Triple H and his wife live in a mansion in Weston, Connecticut. Even though the exact worth is unknown, it comes with each superstar essential including sauna bath, pool, and a hi-tech gymnasium. The couple has three children.

From French Snob to Triple H

During his career in the WCW, Paul Levesque changed his name to Jean-Paul Levesque and embraced the character of a snooty French Canadian aristocrat. He wrestled under this name for one year before making a beeline for the WWE and renaming himself, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, or Triple H. Professional wrestling could never be the equivalent. As a snobby, rich child from Connecticut with an interminable trail of sweethearts, Triple H is currently one of the most cherished and despised characters in the WWE.

Triple H WWE Career

Triple H has framed many influential WWE stables, comprising of D-Generation X, The McMahon-Helmsley Faction, Evolution and The Authority. Through the span of his career, he has won at least 25 titles including 5 WWE World Heavyweight Championships. Starting in 2010, Triple H backed off on his in-ring appearances to concentrate more on the business part of WWE.

Beginning as an Executive Senior Advisor, Triple H has equally been fruitful at his behind-the-scenes roles. He effectively built the WWE development brand NXT which has had the option to hold sold-out 15,000-limit arenas. He has been attributed to finding new talent, bringing respect to women wrestling and extending the business.

Triple H Salary, Earnings

Since Triple H has raised fame with the WWE, there have been numerous hypotheses online about his income, yet those numbers were just gauges as there were no strong facts to approve them.

Base Salary

Like most WWE superstars, Triple H gets a base pay of $1 million. However, his earning as an executive just as bonuses/compensation further increment his pay.

Yearly Income

As indicated by WWE’s proxy filing, Triple H’s yearly income has delighted in an exponential increment, even with diminished in-ring exhibitions.

In 2012, he earned $2.9 million. Of that sum, $2.1 million originated from his in-ring events including the $1 million base salary as of now referenced. He made about $500,000 for his executive role. He earned lesser from in-ring performances bringing his complete take for the year to $2.5 million.

Triple H earned $2.77 million and $3.1 million out of 2014 and 2015 individually. His numbers rose to nearly $4 million out of 2016. Starting at 2017, he earned 66,481 shares that have not yet been invested. His 2016 income included $334,000 of invested shares.

Awards and Achievements

Triple H has won the ‘World Heavyweight Championship’ five times, the ‘WWF/WWE Championship’ 9 times and the ‘WWF/WWE Intercontinental Championship’ 5 times. He twofold won ‘Royal Rumble’, ‘WWF European Championship’ and ‘WWF Tag Team Championship’.

Triple H quotes…

“I’m glad the fans enjoy what I do and that they love hating me. The heat I generate is the ultimate compliment. That’s the stuff that makes me go ‘great’!”


Rapper The Game uncovered in an interview on November 2006 that he and Triple H are involved in a lawsuit over the rights to the name, ‘The Game’.


Triple H is triple and can create trouble for anyone who dares to challenge him in the ring. Let’s discover the story behind the WWE’s Heavyweight Champion.

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