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No matter how much you might love or hate winter and snowstorms, there’s no denying such storms can lead to more than a few car complications. While a premium car cover can go a long way in protecting your car during all seasons of the year, there’s more you can do to preserve the appearance and functionality of your vehicle after a snowstorm. Here are five tips for car care in winter:

Winter Car Care Tips

1. Check Your Battery

Few things are more annoying than going to crank up your car only to discover your battery is dead. Be sure to check your battery after a snowstorm to make sure it has some juice left. That way, you can give it a jump start, if need be, before you head out, keeping you on schedule.

2. Look for Anything That Might Lead to Corrosion

Snow plows that clear the roads can shove up mountains of ice and snow on your car. All that moisture can cause your car to corrode over time, so make sure you clear away your car’s exterior, especially if you don’t plan on going anywhere for several days after the storm is over.

3. Check Under the Hood

While you’re checking to see that your car’s battery still works, you should also pop the hood to see if the engine compartment is in good shape. There’s a chance snow has built up inside, which can impact overall engine operation.

4. Scrape Off Your Windows

To save yourself some time, go ahead and clear off your car’s windows of all snow and ice. While the sun can melt some ice and snow, it might not take care of it all. When you’re actually ready to go, you can simply slip behind the wheel and take off.

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5. Refrain From Using Boiling Water

While you might be tempted to use hot water to speed up the deicing process on your windshield, it’s best that you don’t. Doing so could damage your windshield.

Shop for a protective personalized car sun shade and learn more ways to protect your car after a snowstorm by checking out this site. As you are doing snow-related maintenance, this is also the time to think about getting The best all terrain tires for snow and mud to keep you safer on the road when there is snow on the ground. These tires help you keep traction and can prevent a wreck.

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