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Summertime and the living is easy, right?  The chances are that you pay a lot more attention to what you wear when the weather is warm, there’s more opportunity to be outside, you don’t need to wear as much clothing, so you take more care with what you do wear.  Come wintertime, you just dig out those old winter standbys and focus on staying warm.  Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.  There’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy dressing as much in winter as you do in summer. Here’s some essential winter fashion tips for you to consider.

Keep your head warm

Once upon a time, no well-dressed gent would be seen without a hat,that fashion has passed, but when winter comes, a hat still makes a lot of sense.  You lose fifty per cent of your body heat through your head, so you might have a big warm coat but if you’re hat less you’ll still be cold.  Hat not your style?  Then it’s time to experiment and find something you’re comfortable with.  Probably best not start with a Sherlock Holmes Deerstalker, so why not try a humble beanie?  It does a great job of keeping your head warm and when you don’t need it it’s easy to stuff in your pocket.  Levi’s do a cosy no nonsense beanie that should fit the bill.


Sunglasses are probably more important in winter than they are in summer.  That low winter sun punches those dangerous UV rays directly into the eye.  They’re also great at keeping your face warm and hiding hungover eyes.  Ray-Ban’s timeless frames are a good option for anyone wanting to invest in a pair they can wear all year round.  Think wayfarer or aviator.  They also offer their most popular frames as prescription sunglasses.

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The neck gets a raw deal in winter, even when you turn up that coat collar it’s still pretty exposed.  A scarf is an absolute winter essential, not only does it keep your neck cosy but when it’s bitter you can pull it up to cover your mouth and ears.  Pulled up over your mouth a scarf creates a pocket of warm air and research suggests that the warmer you keep your nose, the less chance you have of contracting a cold.  Cashmere scarves are undoubtedly the warmest and softest scarves, so treat yourself to a little luxury and checkout the scarves made from premium yarns available at The White Company.

A Winter Coat

A warm winter coat is an essential in any man’s wardrobe.  Wool is warm and durable but miserable when it’s wet.  Leather is wind-proof, but you shouldn’t get it drenched.  Some sports fabric, like Gore-Texare lightweight and waterproof but it may not be the look you are after.  So, it comes down to horses for courses, your personal style and the context in which you’ll be wearing your winter coat.


How many pairs of shoes have you ruined, wearing them in winter weather?  Get yourself a pair of sturdy boots that are up to the job.  Dr Marten boots are practically indestructible, and they never go out of fashion.


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