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Xanax is a strong drug and is used for treating severe anxiety disorders in patients. It also treats anxiety which is caused by depression and helps treat panic disorders that sometimes place the patients in embarrassing and helpless situations.

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Since Xanax belongs to the class of drugs known as Benzodiazepine it comes with dangerous side effects if not taken properly. It is one of those medicines that are sold by authorized pharmacies only and not sold as over-the-counter medication. Authorized pharmacies would undoubtedly demand a doctor’s prescription before allowing a customer to purchase the same. The reason is that several pharmacies sell unauthorized Xanax without prescription, but these are not safe for health as they contain several chemicals and are manufactured without proper adherence to standards. They are sold in more or less similar packages and sold without the need for safety standards.

It is more dangerous if the drug is spurious as it may even result in the death of the person who consumes the same. An authentic Xanax tablet is known for its effectiveness only for patients who are given it as treatment under the supervision of doctors. It directly affects the neurotransmitters in the brain and helps to control any disorders arising from anxiety or panic.

Xanax Causes Addiction, Overdose, or Death

Xanax is powerful enough to alter certain neurotransmitters in the brain. If misused or taken as an overdose it can result in the death of the person. It is usually given to patients living with family or relations. The benzodiazepine drug Xanax can make you experience hallucinations, sudden stopping of your breath or seizures, and suicidal thoughts. When it gets mixed with alcohol in your body it can get life-threatening and you get admitted to the hospital in an emergency.

Even the medicine is kept in a place where it is dry, away from heat and moisture or the drug may prove harmful to your health. You cannot take the medicine along with other drugs as some of them may interfere with the functioning of the medication and you may suffer from severe to life-threatening symptoms. In case you stop taking Xanax suddenly you may find the symptoms life-threatening and need to be admitted in an emergency in the ICU. It is for this reason most doctors recommend the drug in reduced doses and slowly increase the amount.

However, you cannot take the medicine that is sold by unauthorized pharmacies as the same will cause worse symptoms and even death. Sometimes, the symptoms remain for more than a year and may reappear again after disappearing. Because of these reasons the drug is a controlled item and must be used under the supervision of a doctor.

Side Effects from Xanax

You may get moderate to severe side effects and generally, your doctor will be monitoring your situation periodically or daily. It is not a drug that is to be consumed for a long period. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding then you shouldn’t take the drug as it is sure to harm the baby.

If you experience unusual muscle movements, become talkative, experience confusion, and have thoughts about suicide you must at once alert your doctor. You may also experience sudden mood shifts, confusion, depression, kidney or liver disease, etc.

In all the above cases, your doctor is the right person to guide you and you shouldn’t treat their advice lightly. Further, you must be above the age of 18 years, and for adults needing treatment for long periods the dosage is usually small.

Generally, the dose suggested for adults is 4mg for anxiety patients while it is 10mg for panic disorder patients. However, it is you doctor who will have the last word.