Angular features

Angular consists of components responsible for the look and feel of the user. Their essence lies in the separation of user interfaces into elements. The functionality of angular includes:

  • Two-way binding, which allows data in one UI element to change when elements in another change. Angular web application has templates, routing. Reactive applications. It is with the advent of angular that it is possible to quickly create the necessary programs. They function without the need for a reboot and appear instantly when you go to a new page. Work with users is carried out asynchronously, moreover, in the background interface, which improves work and ensures comfortable use.
  • Directives. With their help, the developer can describe the elements and augment the HTML. Angular sites only contain a basic assortment of directives. It is possible to expand the directives with the help of personal developments. Handwritten directives can be used in other applications as well.
  • Lazy loading. This feature provides the application with only what it needs for a given page. Fast rendering. Thanks to the use of shadow DOM technology, redrawing is four times faster than in the previous version.
  • Material design. Angular Material looks great and is easy to use.

Angular Material

Angular website development – pros and cons

Most programmers create websites in angular, because they value a number of undeniable advantages, namely:

  • Reliability. Angular is renowned for its huge community of angular development company. It contains developers and those who make improvements to the system (open source). The company is also renowned for its worldwide collections. There are good conditions for clients here, and designers will find many tutorials, including online ones. The codes are simpler and easier to learn.
  • Reliance on Google. The application has a significant sponsorship from Google, which ensures that it maintains a strong codebase.
  • The presence of the MVC pattern. The system consists of a compositional MVC programming setup, but does not meet the built-in criteria. MVS is understood as a design pattern that describes a method for constructing an application structure, areas of responsibility and the interaction of all parts in a given form. Due to this scheme of dividing application parameters into three components (model, view, controller), modification of each component is carried out independently of the others.
  • Saves time. Creating a website in angular helps to save a lot of time. With the right system, the structure becomes an ideal platform for large applications. Improved framework. More modern framework than angular js. TypeScript. It is possible to write strongly typed code. According to programmers, writing code in an IDE has become more pleasant and more convenient due to the correct work of auto-completion, the ability to view the documentation of a method without leaving the code context. The code is now self-documenting. Edge with Modules offers an app for cropping with independent modules.
  • Functions. The application has many different functions, and they are interdependent.
  • Easy access. The ability to obtain information directly, and not from third parties. Of course, the angular program also has disadvantages, which include: Complex programming language.

Possibility of errors occurring during migration between versions. Summing up today angular from is considered one of the most popular frameworks for creating single page applications, mainly due to fast coding, testing, two-way data binding and the largest developer community. Of course, you should not expect easy work with this application, but many projects created indicate the success of using angular.

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