Apartment Living

Although many don’t appreciate the perks you can find in apartment living, there are countless ways to show that this is the best way to live. From getting to save money every month knowing that you won’t have to repair anything if it breaks, this is seriously the most useful housing situation.

If you’re not sure yet, consider each of these perks!

No Surprise Housing Repair Bills

Many people seem to think that apartment living is expensive, but it’s nowhere near as pricey as the surprise and emergency bills from homeownership. If your water heater goes out and you’re a homeowner, you could be looking at a statement upwards of two thousand dollars: if you rent, you owe nothing.

This can be fantastic because it covers everything from roofing replacement, carpet replacement to sending in mechanics to fix the air conditioner or heater if they go out. Renting opens you up to many opportunities to save money instead of squandering it on house fixes.

More Flexibility for Where to Move Next

If you’re a free spirit and don’t know where you’ll be in five years: renting is for you. Most leases are between one month to two years, which means instead of having to stay pinned to a property for five to ten years, you can move whenever you want. The best part is, there are places to rent in every city and town on Earth! The freedom to move wherever you want, whenever you want, is something that many people don’t know what to do with. As a renter, it’s yours.

No Lawn or Yard Maintenance Needed

Being a homeowner means maintaining the home that you own. Lawn care, cleaning the gutters, taking care of any fallen trees, and general maintenance can cost thousands every year. On top of the cost, it’s also extraordinarily time-consuming. Don’t fall for this! Instead, with renting, there’s no lawn to have to work on. You can create a small garden on your balcony, but it only requires the work you want to put into it.

A Chance to Live in the City Center Cheaply

Living in the city center as a homeowner can mean that you spend millions on a home. However, if you look at renting apartments in Portland, Oregon, the price is closer to maybe fifteen hundred a month. This is far more affordable and ensures that renters can afford more space in their apartments and don’t have to worry about the dips and rises in city real estate.

The Chance to Save Money for the Future

Apartment living is far cheaper than homeownership: which means it opens you up to being able to save money for your future. Whether that means eventually buying a houseboat or spending it all on a fancy car you’ve always wanted, that’s up to you! Renting is by far more affordable, more predictable, and more attainable than homeownership for most people. It should be considered a great option if you’re given a choice between it and buying.


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