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What do you think when you see someone in uniform? What impression does it create? Beauty Therapists Does it pop out at you, or encourage you to pay more attention to what they are saying? Or does it create a sense of calm because surely if they are wearing a uniform, they must be a professional?

Uniform for Beauty Therapists

These are valid questions and ones that probably pass through your head without you even realising it.

Yet the fact is – we are all prone to judging people on first impressions. Sure, we may claim that we all strive to look deeper into the individual; however, when it comes to choosing a business, that first moment when you speak and engage with them is what matters. It is what influences your decision to use their services.

The Benefits of Uniforms

Uniforms are a clever tool for creating instant trust and belief in the professionalism of your service.

For instance, if you were presented with one Beauty Therapist who is dressed in their salons uniform and another Beauty Therapist who’s dressed casually – who would you automatically trust more? Who would you take more seriously?

The Association of Learning states that on a subconscious level, your mind would immediately lean towards the one in uniform. Why? Because uniforms have an unspoken way of projecting their level of experience and knowledge, as the natural assumption upon seeing this uniform is that they must know what they are doing. That they must be trained.
And whilst this is often misguided – after all, you’re uniform didn’t do the training, you did – it is what helps to sell your services.

Why Should Beauty Therapists Wear Uniforms?

If you are still in any doubt, take a moment to consider the following:

1. Uniforms create the impression of unity – one business, one goal, one vision. By donning a uniform, it shows that all of your Beauty Therapists believe and strive to achieve your business ethos.

2. Helps to reaffirm your brand – alongside projecting your level of professionalism, you can use uniforms to reinforce your brand and boost your marketing endeavors.

3. They prove that you take your job seriously – you’re not just there to have fun or mess around. Your uniform shows that you are serious about your work, and will perform your beauty treatments to the highest of standards.

Wearing your own clothes – even smart ones – can sadly have the opposite effect. Many customers struggle to take therapists in casual clothes seriously, as at the back of their minds they are always wondering – if you can’t be bothered to dress smartly, how seriously will you take my treatment?

It is misinformed and undoubtedly a wrong perception to make, but unfortunately many therapists fail to win customers, simply because of what they are wearing on the day.

4. Customers place more trust in a uniformed beauty therapist, than someone dressed like a person on the street – carrying on from the point above, another disadvantage to wearing your own clothes is that to a customer you could be anyone. Sure, the same can be said of someone in a uniform – they too are a stranger – however, by donning a uniform, they are automatically associating themselves with the salon. They are representing them and the brand they uphold.

Yet these are not the only benefits that come with wearing a uniform. You should also consider the following points:

  • Uniforms create constancy – not only does wearing a uniform help your business to look streamline, polished and professional, but wearing the same uniform/clothing to every appointment will make customers feel more at ease.
  • More memorable – by wearing the same style of clothes and colour, you can help to reinforce your brand and make your business more memorable.
  • Removes the guess work – you can make the lives of the Beauty Therapists in your employ easier as they won’t have to face the daily struggle of trying to find something appropriate to wear. Instead, by offering them multiple, interchangeable uniform options – that are also designed to handle the changing seasons – you can make things simpler for your staff.
  • Prevents unwarranted judgements about the quality of your work – mobile therapists are often considered the cheaper option of the two as people wrongly assume that by not wearing a uniform, the quality of their work must be poorer. To prevent these misconceptions, you can create a uniform for your mobile business tools, to show that you are just as professional and high-end at those working in salons.
  • Protects your own clothes – whilst wearing what you want sounds appealing, there is always a risk as a beauty therapist of you accidentally damaging your own clothes. Uniforms can protect your clothing from risk of rips and spillages, and can also be purposefully designed to handle this type of working environment.

Uniforms can make a massive difference to your business, so if you don’t currently wear a beauty therapy uniform, why not consider adding it to your arsenal? With one uniform, you can instantly transform the way your business and treatments are received.

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