Car Rim Design

What is the need of having a nicely designed rim for your ride? The wheel designs or rim designs actually let others know how much you love your car. Some great rim designs give your car a great look and it looks more stylish. We have created a list of cool and elegant Rim Design.

1. 3 Stars Audi Rim Design

3 Stars Audi Rim Designs

2. Alloy Maganta Rim

Alloy Maganta Rim Designs

3. Audi RS6 C6

Audi RS6 C6


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4. BMW i8 Rim

BMW i8 Rim Design


5. BMW Spark Rim

BMW Spark Rim Designs

6. Bugatti Veyron Yellow Rim

Bugatti Veyron Yellow Rim Designs


7. Bughaati Plus Rim

Bughaati Plus Rim Designs

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8. Conti Sports Star Rim

Conti Sports Star Rim Designs

9. Eagle GT Rim

Eagle GT Rim Designs

10. F430 scuderia Rim

F430 scuderia Rim Designs


11. Ferrari F430 Spider Rim

Ferrari F430 Spider Rim Designs


12. Yellow Shiny Rim

Green Shiny Rim Designs

13. Thunder Bird Rim Designs

Thunder Bird Rim Designs

14. Ferrari FF Rims

Ferrari FF Rim Designs


15. Lamborghini Murcielago Rim Design

Lamborghini Murcielago Rim Designs


16. Mercedes Spider Rim Designs

Mercedes Spider Rim Designs

17. Michelle Rim

Michelle Rim Design

18. Star Mercedes Rim

Star Mercedes Rim Designs

19. Porsche Cayman GTS Rim Designs

Porsche Cayman GTS Rim Designs


20. Red Elegant Rim

Red Unique Rim Designs

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