The Beginner's Guide to Choosing the Best Tax Resolution Services

Tax resolution service providers exist to help people with tax problems to find a resolution with the IRS or the local tax authorities. Many people are overburdened by tax arrears or other issues related to tax. According to website, unless such people are helped by experienced tax professionals, then it may take a long time for them to have their tax problems solved. In this regard, it may not be easy for an individual to sort out their tax problems on their own. So, one of the questions you may ask is; what kind of services are offered by tax resolution service providers?

Here are services you can get from tax resolution service providers:

• Tax lien assistance for people who have problems with their lien issues. This means they can help you to request a lien amount you should pay or release a lien or verify a lien.

• The companies can also help one in payroll tax negotiations. Companies that have fallen back in the payment of their payroll taxes, can have the tax resolution company help them negotiate the issue with the IRS. They will sort out this into what is known as an offer in compromise or OIC.

• Another important item that tax resolution service providers can offer their clients is IRS audit defense. Sometimes the IRS may want to audit your tax returns after you have filed them. This means that you may want to have a defense mounted for you by a reputable and experienced tax resolution service provider.

• The tax resolution service provider will also help prevent wage garnishment as ordered by the IRS. No one wants to have their wages held by their employers due to tax-related issues. Let all the tax issues be sorted out by a suitable tax resolution company so you can keep your earnings all the time.

So, for you to enjoy the above services, you need to contact and choose a suitable tax resolution service provider. Since you may be doing this for the first time, you may want some guidelines to follow. We shall discuss some of these guidelines here.

Factors to consider when choosing a suitable tax resolution service provider

1. Level of experience

Here, you need to choose a firm that has been in business for a long time. You do not want to hire a tax professional who is new in the industry. These are firms or individuals who will use your case to gain experience. Experienced firms have handled cases similar to yours or even more complex ones. As such, you are assured of success or better outcomes based on how long a firm has been in business. A firm with over five years of experience could do a better job for you.

2. Rating by Better Business Bureau

This is another important aspect of a tax resolution firm that can assure you of better services. The rating of the company by the Better Business Bureau, also known as BBB could inform you of what to expect from the services the company offers. The BBB rating is like a scorecard. A company with an A+ rating means they have a 97 to 100% in rating. Together with this rating, consider if the company has had any issues unresolved from their clients. If such cases exist, then this means the company does not handle its clients’ issues seriously or satisfactorily.

3. Staff qualifications

You want to work with tax experts who are qualified and registered professionals in their various field. A suitable tax resolution service provider will have hired qualified staff who are adequately trained and registered to perform duties as assigned. These staff members should belong to the CPA Institute, the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, and so on. The attorneys who represent the clients should be qualified and admitted to the tax bar of the state in which your case is instituted. You should be confident in the abilities of the team you hire so that you can rest assured that your tax matters will be handled professionally and with the utmost of care and precision.

4. References

You also want to check and be sure of the services offered by the firm. What kind of references or reviews do you have about the company? You need to do adequate due diligence on the tax resolution firm that you want to hire. As a prospective client, you have a right to ask about the present and former references of the company. A representative of the firms should feel comfortable sharing references of clients they have worked for. You can ask such clients to tell you about the services they received from the firm. You may also want to read reviews about the firm online. In this case, you want to know how the firm handled clients, what experience the clients had with the firms and if the firm is transparent in its dealings with clients.


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