Bog Mats

Bog mats are now a requirement for every construction and demolition site whose chief architect or developer is concerned about the environment. These mats may have a rather simple name but they can prove to be really advantageous in construction works. They not only protect the environment from damage that heavy construction machinery and traffic cause, they also give developers stable and safe access to work sites. A good bog mat can even carry the heaviest machinery across slippery, wet, and unstable ground. Developers can also speed up construction with bog mats. Here are the benefits of using Bog Mats.

Safety of Construction Staff and Visitors

As these mats offer safe access to work sites they naturally carry health and safety advantages that are simply obvious. Not only can they be used for logistics they can also be used to offer leveled and hard-standing areas for excavators and cranes. Bog mats come in all sizes and shapes so while they can be used for heavy machinery, these mats can also be used for walkways to allow construction staff and visitors to move about on a worksite safely. These mats also come in color-coded formats and this means that safe pedestrian routes are easily recognizable at a glance. These mats are not heavy and smaller ones can even be easily lifted and transferred to another area on the worksite.

Safety of the Environment

Construction often causes a lot of environmental problems, but many of these could be solved by the careful use of bog mats. If used properly, these mats can assist developers in fulfilling their environmental responsibilities and minimize damage to the natural environment. The quality of ground can quickly deteriorate if it is not saved by bog mats. This is because heavy machinery can often cause damage that usually takes a long time to repair. And repairing these damages is costly too. These mats are best for sensitive areas such as parks, football pitches, and tennis courts as their ground needs protection while work is being done around them. Bog Mats also eradicate damage to standing hard surfaces.


Bog mats also make a lot of commercial sense as well. Development sites situated on a very muddy or boggy land may suffer a lot without bog mats. It will be difficult for vehicles and machines to access the worksite due to the muddy and slippery surfaces of the site. Here bog mats become the sensible solution as they prevent the machinery from sinking into the mud. They also prevent the craned from toppling over. Bog mats can even protect underground gas, water, and electricity supply lines. Experts say that heavy-duty bog mats can easily cope with weights of 100 tones. These mats also help in speeding up development and construction projects since very wet and muddy sites always have a risk of expensive accidents and this takes development projects in such areas longer to complete.

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