Buying a car is exciting but the shopping experience can also be overwhelming with so many factors to consider. For some, the biggest concern might be budget, while for others, finding their dream car is objective number one. Whichever end of the spectrum you’re on, you may benefit from considering a pre-owned luxury car.

Your instincts might be saying you can’t possibly afford a car from a high-end automaker or you may be hesitant to buy your dream car used because it seems tainted. In either case, you may be surprised to find there are many benefits to buying a pre-owned luxury car.

An Economy Car Might Not Be Cheaper

What if we told you that instead of driving off the lot in an average looking vehicle, you could actually speed off in a gently used Mercedes-Benz or Audi. Well, you could.

If you’re under the impression that you are stuck in the realm of economy cars because of your budget, that might not be the case. In fact, a used luxury car might be the same price, or very close.

To get a deal the deal of the century, make sure you do your research and thoroughly sift through the used car inventory at your local dealerships. Often, there is an elegant set of wheels in your price range that was traded in for the latest model and is just waiting to be claimed.

Depreciation Is Less of an Issue

While on the topic of cost, you can’t forget to consider your investment. Whatever car you choose, whether it is new or used, you need to think of it as an investment seeing as how it is likely one of the largest purchases you’ll make within the year.

As you may know, as soon as you drive a new car off the lot, the value takes a huge hit. This means that even if you sell your car next year, you’ve thrown a large amount of cash down the drain. However, did you also know that many luxury cars retain more than half their value even years down the line? This means you could still cash out nicely if you decide you’re ready to upgrade once your career has taken off.

They’re Not as High Risk as You Think

Taking your car in for maintenance is never a welcomed expense. And if you’ve ever owned a foreign car such as a Volkswagen or a BMW, you know that these are even more expensive to fix. Fortunately, there are certain American-made luxury cars that don’t necessarily fall into that category.

Research your local auto repair shops to see if they service luxury cars at a premium or if your desired make and model fits into the latter category.

Access to Leading Innovation in Comfort & Technology

Without buying used, many of the modern luxuries reserved for high-end models would be out of your reach. Instead of resigning to everyday upgrades available in mainstream vehicles, you could have the finest interiors and cool tech that’s not available to the average car owner.

Even if a luxury car is a few years old, it likely isn’t outdated. You could probably find a vehicle equipped with highly desirable safety features, crystal clear audio, and convenient advancements that make driving more pleasant. Plus, you can’t beat the plush, beautifully designed interiors that are hand-selected by upscale automakers.

Luxury Car

Drive in Style

Obviously, the biggest draw of a luxury car is the perceived status that comes with cruising around in one. If you want to look like you’ve made it or just enjoy the finer things in life — including commuting to work in class and style — then a pre-owned luxury vehicle is likely the best choice for you.

Nothing can beat cruising around town or on your next road trip while enjoying the epitome of comfort and sophistication — unless you count the fact that you got a great deal on the car of your dreams.

It’s easy to scoff at the idea of buying a used car, but don’t overlook the value of a luxury vehicle that’s been retired early. After all, one man’s loss is another man’s profit.


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