Celebrities Who Died Under the Age of 30

Life was always unpredictable and the current COVID-19 has made us believe in the uncertainty of life a lot more than before. The world has lost millions due to this pandemic and many have gone through the worst of their lives by losing their loved ones. Similarly, the impact of any famous person dying at a young age is significant on the minds of his/her followers and fans.

I have been a huge fan of Heath Ledger, who left us at the young age of 28, leaving an unforgettable character behind, Joker. I have tried my best to add all the famous celebrities and actors who died at a young age that is before 30. The celebrities not only left their mark on our minds with their work but their lives are an example of how they managed to achieve fame and success at young ages.

Scroll down to find out the names of Famous Celebrities who dies under 30:


Age: 28

Avicii - most famous celebrities in the world

Anton Yelchin

Age: 27

Anton Yelchin - famous celebrities

Christina Grimmie

Age: 22

Christina Grimmie - famous celebrities female

Peaches Geldof

Age: 25

Peaches Geldof - famous celebrities

Amy Winehouse

Age: 27

Amy Winehouse - famous celebrities female

Heath Ledger

Age: 28

Heath Ledger - famous celebrities male

Jonathan Brandis

Age: 27

Jonathan Brandis - famous celebrities male


Age: 22

Aaliyah - most famous celebrities in the world

Christopher Wallace

Age: 24

Christopher Wallace - famous celebrities

Tupac Shakur

Age: 25

Tupac Shakur - famous celebrities male

Kurt Cobain

Age: 27

Kurt Cobain - famous celebrities male

River Phoenix

Age: 23

River Phoenix - famous celebrities

Brandon Lee

Age: 28

Brandon Lee - famous celebrities male

Ian Curtis

Age: 23

Ian Curtis - famous celebrities male

Rebecca Schaeffer

Age: 21

Rebecca Schaeffer - famous celebrities female


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