Tips For Claiming PTSD Help After a Car Accident - psychological trauma after car accident compensation

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), vehicle accidents are America’s leading cause of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Recognizing PTSD after a car accident and seeking medical aid and legal representation are the first steps in the long road to recovery.

Car accidents involve millions of people yearly and cause significant injuries and death. Many people suffer the consequences of emotional distress without understanding that they’re entitled to compensation and legal representation.

Here’s what you need to know about claiming PTSD compensation after a car accident.

If You Have PTSD From a Car Accident

Symptoms from PTSD aren’t always instantly recognizable, like physical injuries. Often, symptoms can take days, weeks, or months to surface.

To protect yourself and your family, consult legal representation if you suspect you have PTSD.

PTSD is silent. It doesn’t leave a visible bruise. However, it can cause dire health and emotional consequences if left untreated.

If you believe your car accident was due to another’s negligence, hiring a car accident lawyer ensures that you will have representation in court and an invaluable resource to help you combat insurance companies.

How Do You Know You Have PTSD?

Although PTSD is silent, it impacts the lives of victims and their families. PTSD is a mental health disorder. There is no shame in admitting the symptoms and recognizing the traumatizing effect.

According to APA, car accidents are the leading cause of PTSD for men and secondary traumatic events for women. An estimated 3.5 million people experience PTSD annually.

Seeking professional help is an invaluable resource and course of action if you experience these symptoms categorized into four groups.

• Mood and thought changes that affect feelings of negativity, memory, relationships, and lack of interest

• Intrusive memories that cause victims to experience the traumatic event over again

• Avoidance is a symptom where the victim avoids the scene or refuses to discuss the event

• Physical or emotional reactions surface with an overwhelming sense of guilt or shame

Survivors of traumatic events experience recovery and emotional distress unique to their circumstances. The symptoms also change over time and may increase in intensity when triggered by reminders.

Can Victims Survive PTSD and How Long Do the Symptoms Last?

Without proper treatment, PTSD may last indefinitely. There is no designated timeline for when or how victims recover. While legal representation doesn’t deal with symptoms directly, it helps in other ways.

A good law team will seek the highest compensation applicable to each car accident. When people with PTSD receive a fair settlement, they can seek proper medical help to recover.

For many people with PTSD, the cost of treatment, legal representation, and loss of income add another layer of distress.

PTSD Treatment Options

Good legal representation in traumatic stress disorder cases means victims receive the therapy they deserve. Compensation might include cost recovery for the following treatments.

• Diagnostic and statistical assessment from a mental health professional
• Cognitive therapy helps victims to move beyond the traumatic event
• Exposure therapy assists victims in safely revisiting the trauma
• Eye movement desensitization treatment (advanced exposure therapy)
• Prescribed medications to help combat depression, anxiety, and nightmares

Traumatic stress victims must receive tailor-made treatment to help them recover.

What Is a Fair Compensation for PTSD Car Accident Claims?

Putting an exact number on PTSD car accident claims is unique to each case. A qualified lawyer will seek to get clients compensation for the following expenses.

• Medical reimbursement and lost wages
• Pain and suffering settlement
• Emotional PTSD payout

The best way to determine what your case claim is worth is to contact a lawyer for a free consultation.

Factors influencing financial compensation in a PTSD car accident claim might include these circumstances.

• The severity of the accident, including fatalities and life-threatening injuries
• Likelihood of recovery from trauma
• Financial impact related to employment and therapy cost
• Consequences of PTSD affecting the severity of your emotional distress

Final Thoughts

Recovery for PTSD patients is an individual journey. Competent legal representation that best represents your situation is the best recourse. Receiving a fair settlement and compensation for your emotional distress after a car accident for PTSD is your legal right.


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