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Contractors are some of the busiest professionals in the world. Most jobs they handle are tasking and clients want their projects completed within the short period possible. With so much to handle, contractors can easily neglect marketing. Thankfully, as a contractor, you don’t have to handle all the marketing yourself. You can hire an expert to manage your website, social media pages, SEO and ads among others. The benefit of working with experienced marketing professionals is that they know what works best for contractors and will thus deliver good results. So how do you find the right marketing expert? Consider the following tips.

Search Online

A quick and easy way to find a marketing company for your business is to do an online search. Make a list from the search results and then compare the services each company is offering. Other than an online search, you can also find a marketing company by asking for recommendations from other contractors.

Contractors Marketing

Check the Areas They Cover

The first step in evaluating a marketing company involves checking the areas they cover. Are their services limited to web design only or do they offer a wide range of marketing services? Look for a company that has all the services you need for your business. Working with one service provider can be cheaper and less hectic.

Look at their Portfolio

Next, find out the type of industries the marketing company has worked with in the past. Any marketer can give you some result, but a marketer who has an in-depth knowledge of your industry will give you the best results. If you are running your own construction company, look for a marketing expert who has an in-depth understanding of the construction industry.

Check the Company’s Standing

You can’t expect good results from a marketing company that has not done a good job marketing their own services. If you need a good-looking website with great content, look for marketing companies with the best websites. Visit the company’s website, online listing and social media pages before hiring them.


You should hire a marketing company that has a good reputation. You can find out about a marketer’s reputation by looking at online reviews on Yelp, Google, forums and even on social media pages. If you see some red flags, stay away from that marketer.

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Compare Pricing

Finally, compare prices from a number of marketers. Be wary of scammers who use low prices as bait to attract business owners. If the price looks too good, go back and evaluate the company’s reputation again before getting a contract with them. A low price could be an offer from a genuine company or it can be a scam, and this is why careful evaluation is important.

Once you get a company to handle your marketing needs, make sure you check in with them on what they are doing and the results your business is getting. If you are not satisfied with the results, you always can shift the job to someone else.

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