Coronavirus Outbreak

Nearly 6000 People affected by the horrible coronavirus outbreak that emerged in a seafood market in China. More cases are occurring all over the world.

Location of its Outbreak

Coronavirus outbreak started from Wuhan- a city of China.


Coronavirus is a disease that infects animals and human beings as well. Coronavirus symptoms include headache, high fever, coughs, flu, pneumonia and bronchitis. Coronavirus has spread to Shanghai, Beijing and many other countries.

Origination of Virus

Coronavirus basically emerged in a seafood market of Wuhan. Wuhan is a city with more than one million of population situated on the east of China. Seafood market comprises of ferocious animals i.e. marmots, bats and snakes etc. Basically Coronavirus is spreading from animals to human beings. But a recent report of 28th January says that Coronavirus is now spreading from human to human as well in Germany.

Total Deaths

132 deaths are confirmed in different countries due to severe Coronavirus. Coronavirus cases are increasing day by day.

Number of Infected People

Last year at the end of December 2019, China reported coronavirus in Wuhan. At that time coronavirus has been transmitted its disease to 5974 people worldwide. The majority of coronavirus cases are found in China. More than 6000 cases are reported until now.

Coronavirus Spreading Across the Globe

Coronavirus has extended to Canada, Japan, South Korea, US and France. Different countries are trying to slash border travel as coronavirus is spreading rapidly and infecting people. People are losing their lives due to coronavirus. Hong Kong has canceled flights and trains traveling from China. United Airways, Air Asia, Air India, Finnair and many more airlines have also stopped the flights traveling from China entirely.



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