Creating An Inspiring Home Gym On A Budget - building a home gym on a budget

Do you feel like you desperately need to focus more of your time on exercising, but you are struggling to find the time to head to the gym? Perhaps you already have to commute to work and the nearest fitness centre is out of your way? Or perhaps you don’t feel comfortable working out around other people and would prefer some privacy? Whatever the case, we’re going to talk about how you can create an inspiring home gym on a budget!

1. Think carefully about the type of exercise you want to focus on

The first and most important step to creating a home gym is being realistic about the type of exercise that you wish to do. For example, there’s no good investing in a running machine / treadmill that will otherwise take up quite a bit of space if you like going for regular walks or a jog around the park.

There are other, less bulky alternatives to getting some cardio at home, such as a stepping machine or a bicycle.

When you have a clearer idea as to what you want your home gym to accommodate, you’ll be ready to start moving forward with your planning.

2. Budget carefully

Fitness equipment is expensive, so be mindful when setting yourself a budget. You want to set aside a reasonable investment, but don’t go too crazy.

Do some research online and estimate how much your desired gym equipment is going to cost. Then, you can always head to the Facebook marketplace or other online shopping/trading apps to try and locate some second hand gear instead.

3. Don’t think you have to buy everything all at once

Your home gym can be a work in progress. You don’t necessarily need to buy everything in one go. If you are a little tight for cash, start by investing in the multi-purpose equipment.
You can’t go wrong with some dumbbells and yoga mats for versatility and full-body workouts. You can then start adding to the collection from there.

4. Pick a dedicated workout space

Depending on the size of your home and the amount of space available, you may have to get a little creative with where to choose to be your workout space. Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a spare room to remodel or a garage.

In any case, you don’t necessarily need a dedicate room for exercise. Just find a clear and open space to exercise and keep your gym equipment stored away if you can’t afford to leave it lying around.

5. Kit the room out with a TV

If you are worried that you might get bored while doing your exercises, set your home gym up with a TV. It might sound counter-productive, but being able to watch your favourite show while you smash out some cardio can actually be an effective way of keeping you engaged.

For example: rather than just doing 10-15 minutes of exercise here and there, you can commit to a full 45-minute episode.

Move into a condominium with a pool and fitness centre

Of course, if you don’t have the space or the budget, but you really want to have a gym at home, we have the perfect alternative: moving into a condominium that has a swimming pool and fitness centre available to you.

There are some great condos at Green Peace Mansion, and the added benefit of being able to use a fully kitted fitness room and swimming pool certainly doesn’t hurt either!


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