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The decision as to whether or not to employ a contractor or do it yourself (DIY) is not always an easy one, especially if you do not have the right tools. However, one advantage is clear: DIY projects can save you hundreds of dollars. You can use DIY to save money on home maintenance, landscaping, or even car repairs. One key to DIY projects is to have the right set of tools at the ready. Nevertheless, you cannot go out and buy every device on the chance that you may need it someday. You only need to set a budget to purchase a few excellent tools that you will use regularly. Here are three DIY tools that you need for home emergencies.

1. Hammer


A nail is of no use without a hammer. Hammers are the most basic DIY tools that you must have. Most hammers come with a claw, which is placed opposite to the head. You can use the head to drive in nails and the claw to pull them out. You can also use a hammer for other jobs that require a whack such as breaking up a wall. Carpentry professionals suggest that the most flexible type of hammer is the 16-ounce hammer, which has a smooth head and a curved claw. You can use this hammer for various jobs such as hanging frames and repair works. The curved claw is resourceful since it makes it easier to pull out nails. A first option is the Bastex hammer. Since you will often use this tool, experts recommend that you buy the one with a comfortable grip and well balanced when you swing.

2. Plasma Cutter

Plasma Cutter

This material is used to cut any conductive material. The tool blows out an inert gas at high speed from a triggered zone. As the gas escapes, the equipment creates an arc so that it can create a burning torch. The hot flame enables you to cut through any metal or alloy with ease. Most cutters use oxy fuel to achieve a cut. However, this works if the metal you are working on supports the oxidizing process. Without a plasma cutter, you cannot cut through metals such as stainless steel and aluminum. If you want the right plasma cutter to add to your collection, visit

3. Handsaw


A handsaw is a toothed cutting blade attached to a handle. You can use this equipment to make quick cuts in wood since it is faster and easier to use than a power saw. The tool is also useful when building a tree house because it is simpler to haul up a ladder. There are three basic types of saws: the traditional western, Japanese pull, and the pruning saw. Each saw has a different style. The traditional saw cuts when you push forward through the wood. A Japanese pull saw cuts when you pull back, while a pruning saw cuts on the pull stroke but it has a narrow curved blade.

Make sure to add more tools to your toolbox as you extend your DIY skills.


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