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The exact nature of a Business Executive varies between different organizations and positions within management ranks. However, the common ground for this profile remains the same which is to promote your organization and its growth.

It is quite a huge set of responsibilities for an individual and so it is meant for only those who are hard-working and dedicated and hold the right set of skills, work experience, and education.

In this article, we have listed 5 tips that can help you frame the perfect business executive resume:

1. Frame a unique resume Header

You need to stand out for the recruiters to recognize you as a professional and to do that you need to maintain a professional approach at all times.

Forget about using ‘Resume’ or ‘CV’ as resume headings and stick to providing a unique identity to your resume by displaying your name on the topmost section of your Business Executive resume.

2. Mention an accurate Profile Title

Another feature that needs to stand out in your resume is the profile title.

This is the identity of your professional status that will make the recruiters recognize your level of seniority in your career.

In case you are thinking of exaggerating your profile title even a little to leverage higher pay or score a promotion, then you should remember that it will pass off as deliberately lying to the recruiters.

You cannot afford to jeopardize your job application by lying about your profile title. So make sure to provide only the accurate profile title.

To become a Business Executive, you need to have years of experience so if you are a fresher or an entry-level applicant make sure to mention likewise and not just lie about your profile title.

3. Highlight your Key Skills

Generally, the recruiters will spend 6 seconds on a resume and you need to make the best use of this time to intrigue the recruiters and give them an insight into your career trajectory to help them recognize you as a suitable applicant.

Let us see how it can be achieved.

Simply scan through your resume and pick out the most significant skills that have been justified in your professional experience.

Then list these skills on resume objectively in your key skills section for the recruiters to notice even in a glance.



This section can also help you rank high on the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) if you use the keywords used by the recruiters in the job listing.

4. Curate an impactful Professional Experience section

If you want to communicate your potential as a suitable applicant then you need to effectively create this section.

Use bullet points and frame one-liners instead of writing paragraphs to state your professional experience in your resume. Writing lengthy paragraphs may fail to make the recruiters recognize the highlights of your career.

Start every point with a power verb to write your work experience statements impactfully.

Enhance your points by creating unique headings and list all the similar one-liners under the relevant headings. Bold the highlights of your career to make it easier for the recruiters to recognize your potential.

Make it easier for the recruiters to read and comprehend your one-liners by creating the cause-effect relation in your statements. Apply the STAR format to connect your work environment and how you executed the roles assigned to you.

Mention achievement figures to specify your achievements and contributions to an organization.


Client Relationships & Team Management

  • Developed relationships with 30+ organization in 2 years leading to an increase in 20% revenue
  • Supervised 5+ team members to improvise the annual budget plan to cut down 10% expenses

5. Provide your Credentials

Your credentials refer to your educational qualification, certifications, award & recognitions, etc. which you need to mention in your resume to make the recruiters recognize you as an eligible applicant for the targeted job.

Provide the details of your education as per the requirement of the organization and job profile that you are applying for.

It will be a bonus if you are certified to perform your duties as a professional so make sure to provide the details of your certifications if you have them.

Write the details from where you graduated or got certified and give the dates of your enrollment and completion.

Another factor that can add a bonus to your resume is the details of your awards and recognition if you were awarded any for a job well done or recognized for your achievements in the past.

All these factors can add value to your resume and raise your chances at a shortlist.


Let’s look back at the 5 tips for a business executive resume that can help you frame a job-winning resume:

  • Label your resume with your name and frame an accurate profile title.
  • List only the skills that have been justified in your resume.
  • Highlight your professional experience in one-liners.
  • Mention your certifications and educational qualifications.

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