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For those men with facial hairor those who can grow enough to just about qualify as having facial hair there are a plethora of options available, but that doesn’t mean everyone will look dapper. Just like haircuts, finding the right facial hair for you takes some experimentation, but as you’ll have the luxury of shaving everything off and starting again if things go awry. So, it’s worth at least giving these facial hair styles a go!

If you’re not in the market for trying out new men’s hairstyles but want to focus more on the male grooming side of things, then be sure to look through this list of the three trendiest facial hair choices of 2019.

Most Trendiest Facial Hair Styles

Heavy Mustache

You might be surprised, but Movember isn’t the only time you can get away with wearing a mustache. Often seen as a bit ridiculous and comical by society, mustaches can look unbelievably cool when worn with conviction and styled correctly. Think of Henry Cavill in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, whose mustache actually caused a fair bit of drama! For any mustache newbie, a good step is to keep your sides and goatee trimmed to about a level 2 with your electric trimmer, yet keep the mustache looking thick and in a good shape. You’ll still want to trim it with scissors to keep it from looking unwieldy. Add this image with a few tattoos, and you’re a certified badass.

Heavy Beard without Mustache

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Many nickname this the “Abe Lincoln” beard due to the former president sharing the facial hair look, but basketball star LeBron James is perhaps the most famous recent person to completely rock this beard style. Useful if you’re not a fan of mustaches or can’t seem to produce a good one, as you’ll need to grow out the beard and maintain it at around a 5 or 4 setting. LeBron chooses to wear a pencil-thin mustache, which does look good on him, but isn’t necessary if you just want to focus on everything but the ‘stache.

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The Patchy Goatee

If it’s the sides of your face where you struggle to grow a decent amount of hair, then simply grow out the mustache, soul patch, and on your chin. Johnny Depp’s famous Jack Sparrow character pulls this look off and should be your style icon, but of course you don’t have to braid the chin hair nor grow it so long (or wear dreadlocks, of course). It’s a cool look if you’ve given up on your sideburns and cheeks, so instead spend your time maintaining a trendy patchy goatee.

Of course, the typical beard, whether worn long or short, is timeless and something that gives you confidence and that everyone else will usually love. Try out some new styles for 2019, but if you’re not a fan, then go back to what you know!

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