3 Great Family Friendly Activities in Shoreditch

In case you are wondering which is the best European destination for this fall getaway, the answer is London. London is perfect every year, but the entire scenery is more magical than ever when it comes to the fall or winter.

Also, in London, you will be able to visit many unique neighborhoods where you will have the chance to have the best time. In case you are visiting London with your family, one of the most fantastic neighborhoods where you can enjoy family-friendly activities is Shoreditch. This place is where every family member, from the oldest to the youngest, can have the best time.

This neighborhood is filled with families and children exploring parks, museums, and city farms.

In case you are preparing your bags for your holidays in London, have a little break and read below the four most fun, family-friendly activities in Shoreditch.

1. V&A Museum of Childhood

The first place that is great to visit with your family and your children is the Museum of Childhood. This place is perfect for inspiring your child and making them more curious about the surrounding environment. In this place, there are hosted different exhibitions where kids can enjoy crafts, fun workshops, puppet shows, storytelling, a free play area, and cabinets of antique dolls. Of course, there are extra activities for your little friends during the school holidays, like Christmas. Also, if your children get hungry, there is a cafe area where you can provide some snacks, but you are allowed to bring some food from home.

2. Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

Another great place that you must visit with your children in Shoreditch is Curve Garden. This secret garden is actually located behind a green door, and you will be amazed by the hazel and wild cherry trees that create a little forest. The place is accessible to the public, and you can visit it with a hot beverage. Also, many events for music, dance, cooking, and gardening for kids are arranged there from time to time. Your kids will be happy because they can run around and play with the plants and the birds. Of course, there is a place where you can provide some food like warm pizza and refreshing soft drinks.

3. Play crazy golf

Moreover, Another fun idea that you can do while visiting London is play crazy golf. Crazy Golf in Shoreditch can be fun, whether you are a big fan of golf or not, as long as it’s a fun game you play with your children. Crazy golf courses are primarily colorful and have fun obstacles you must overcome to put the ball into the hole. I promise your kids will love the crazy golf as it combines the fun and the challenge. Worth mentioning is that most of these places have arcade games you can play with your little friends. Of course, delicious food and refreshing drinks can’t miss the menu.


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