First Time Homebuyers

While you are buying a new house, many things are always running in your mind. As a result, you may forget to check some of the features of your home. Once you have made the payment and spent a week or two in the house, it is when you begin to notice that the lights are flickering and pipes are leaking. The following are some of the things first-time house buyers wish they had been told.

House Market Value

There is nothing as irritating as paying a higher price for a house you would have acquired for a lower price. Imagine your friend visits you and informs you that a home similar to the one you bought is being sold at a price way below what you paid.

This makes it very important for you to visit the various house realtors and check their prices. Most of these real estate companies offer different prices for a house, and this could save you thousands which you can use to meet other needs.

House Condition

Time and again, house buyers have entered houses that they never inspected only to find that most of the things were not operational while others were missing. You should always conduct a thorough inspection of your house to ensure that every appliance is in its best shape. In your inspections, make sure you check the kitchen cabinet set which in many homes, the former owners may have tampered with and maybe requiring repairs and replacement.

Whenever you find any breakage and non-functional pieces of equipment, talk to the realtor and see what you can do to have them repaired. Additionally, please do not agree to purchase a house that has not been repaired; otherwise, you may have to keep looking for the seller to repair it.

Many first-time buyers take every word they say to be the truth. You need to know that a seller is a business person, and once you make the payment, it will almost be impossible to reach out to them. Therefore demand repairs and replacement of items in the house before making the payment.

Inspect the House Bills

Imagine purchasing a house only to find out that it has accumulated water and electricity bills that have not been paid. As we said, earlier the realtor is not always your friend. You should, therefore, personally, confirm for yourself whether the former house owner cleared all the bills or not.


This is one of the areas that many first-time house buyers miss out on. It would be best to ensure that the area you are moving to is safe. You find out where the nearest police station is located. You should also find out if there is a lot of crime in the area you want to relocate to.

Estate guards are an indication of a well-protected community. If an area has estate guards, you can purchase a house and move in. The block watch community group is also an indicator of a safe neighborhood. You can be at peace in your home if you are sure that it is safe.

Real Estate Contract

This is one of the areas that new house buyers are ignorant of or do not know how to go about it. For instance, if you inspected a house and were not pleased with it, you are always free to turn the offer down and keep looking.

In many cases, first-time house buyers do not want to disappoint the seller. This should not be so. Keep in mind that you will spend your life in that house should you buy it. You have the right to turn down the house seller’s price and look for better options in the neighborhood.

Buying a house could result in an experience that is very disappointing, especially when the home you buy goes below your minimum expectations. In the sections above, you will find some things that first-time house buyers wish they had known before buying a house.

Learn from their experiences and follow the tips provided to ensure you do not fall into the same trap.

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