3 Tips for Fixing Low Office Morale - how to motivate staff when morale is low

Is your workplace going through a bit of a rough patch in team morale?

Your business is certainly not alone. After close to two years of operating remotely, on top of dealing with increased workload pressures, many offices are experiencing some lower-than-average spirits these days.

Even jobs that haven’t been hit hard by any drastic changes or work-from-home transitions could probably still use a pick-me-up every once in a while, to stave off general workplace fatigue.

Luckily, getting your employees back on track in terms of feeling content in their positions is more straightforward than it seems.

Most workers want to feel appreciated and supported. As long as you can address both of these valid needs thoughtfully and consistently, then you’ll have much more luck keeping everyone motivated and productive.

Follow some relatively straightforward tips below if you feel your office energy requires a minor fixing these days.

1. Hire More Help

One of the top reasons workers experience burn-out is that they feel chronically overworked.

While it’s understandable to want your employees to be productive and work hard, everyone has a breaking point. The blurry boundaries of work-life balance that come with remote jobs do not help.

So, if you notice any of your workers consistently getting behind in their tasks, despite working long, grueling hours regularly, then it’s probably time to bring in some helping hands.

Just make sure you thoroughly vet them through a background check for jobs remote. This step is especially crucial nowadays since you likely won’t meet face-to-face before making an offer.

2. Offer Extra Time Off

Nothing does an employee’s soul good, quite like some quality vacation time. Even just a few days of staycation can work wonders for their mental health when it comes time to return to the grind.

Too often, however, workers’ paid time off gets eaten up by obligatory family visits during the holidays or a spontaneous day here or there when they need to take their kids somewhere.

To combat this, and make sure your employees are getting the full enjoyment out of their PTO, try offering a few extra days than you did before. Their productivity upon return will likely make up for any time missed, anyways.

3. Plan an Outing

This one’s simple. A fun outing for you and your crew is sure to not only improve everyone’s spirits but it will also help you build bonds as a team.
There are tons of options for activities you can do together, such as attending an appropriate show, going out to a nice dinner, or throwing a work picnic.
No matter what kind of space you provide, your employees will benefit from the opportunity to break out of their day-to-day routines and enjoy each other’s company in a whole new environment.


Achieving good workplace morale shouldn’t be an overly complicated feat. It takes paying attention to how your workers feel and providing them with some thoughtful solutions to make a difference.

Everyone might be working from home, but that doesn’t mean a healthy, supportive office environment isn’t still absolutely crucial.


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