Surge Protection

It is very easy to forget how dangerous electricity can be. It is simply something that you live with and use n a daily basis. However, the simple fact is that every year people die from electrical shocks and related incidents.

This is why it is essential that you take every precaution you can at home; it’s not just you you’re looking after, all your family will benefit.

Whole House Surge Protection Guide

Get it Checked

Before you start investing in whole house surge protection it is important to get a reputable firm, such as Tiger Electrical, to check your current installation.

This will help to identify any issues your system currently has and what you should do about them. It’s also a great way to get some advice regarding any future electrical installations you are hoping to have done.

Under Whole House Protection

It’s not surprising that this device is designed to protect your whole house from electrical surges. It needs to be wired into your main supply box; this will ensure it works on all the wiring in your home.

A whole house surge protector monitors the supply of electricity coming into your hoe and only allows it into your internal grid at a set rate; regardless of what the supply being delivered is.

In most cases the supply is stable but a sudden surge can fry your electrical equipment. Inside the surge protector will be specially designed metal oxide varistors. Their sole purpose is to move power away from your power lines. Anything over a certain rating is grabbed by these MOV’s and then discharged back into the system or into the ground via your earth connection.

In the process your supply remains stable and your home and electrical appliances safe.

Why It’s So Important

Almost every electronic item you have now has a circuit board in it. These are surprisingly delicate and can easily be destroyed by a sudden surge in power. Even turning the power on and off can cause enough disruption to damage delicate electronics.

You may be surprised to discover that even an LED light bulb will have a small chip inside it.

That’s the real issue; modern gadgets rely on chips to work efficiently. But this makes them vulnerable; a surge protector is the only viable option to reduce the risk of electrical damage.


The cost of installing a whole house surge protection unit is between $200 and $500. This may seem like a large sum however this is actually quite small in comparison to the devices it is protecting. The latest iPhone is worth double that!

Once you put it into this context you’ll realize that the whole house surge protector is an essential part of your home electrical system.

However, it is worth noting that these devices do not usually protect against a lightning strike. You’ll need to unplug as much as possible if you’re experiencing a storm. This should be a standard safety procedure for any building in the path of a serious storm.


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