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AI has evolved at a rapid rate in recent years and it is now being utilised in many different industries and it is easy to see why. One industry which is being revolutionised currently is the business travel industry – while the AI may not be as glamorous or exciting as you see on shows like West World, it is still having a huge impact on business travel and improving it in many different ways.

Learning Traveller Preferences

One of the best ways that AI is being used in business travel is through learning traveller preferences and making it easier to book a suitable trip. This is through using data from previous trips and learning what the traveller is looking for during their trip. If you prefer a hotel room on the top floor or far away from the elevator, for example, then you can get recommendations with this information kept in mind. This could also include chartering a private jet if this is a form of transport that the business or individual favours – this has now become a more affordable option and will be a popular mode of transport in business travel over the coming years.

Virtual Butler

Another way that AI is transforming business travel is through the use of virtual butlers that can carry out various tasks which will save you from visiting the concierge or trying to get through to reception. These virtual butler’s could provide the Wi-Fi password, order room service, ask for fresh towels etc. In the near future, it is likely that there will be physical robots that will then be capable of delivering room service, fresh towels etc.

Self-Driving Luggage

Self-driving cars steal all the headlines when it comes to AI but this will be a long way off. Self-driving luggage, meanwhile, will arrive later this year where battery-operated rolling suitcases will use cameras and AI to follow alongside you with the ability to avoid obstacles or sound an alert if separated. Carrying heavy luggage around can be stressful but this will be a thing of the past with this clever technology.


Another way that AI can improve the flying and airport experience is through the use of chatbots. These digital assistants will be able to automatically send boarding passes, tell you which carousel your luggage is at, tell you what gate number is and more information which can sometimes be stressful to find out at the airport or is easily missed.

AI will have an enormous impact on business travel in the coming years with the above being just a few examples. This is good news for regular business travellers because the technology can greatly reduce the stress and help you to get the most out of your trip.

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