It is paramount to clean your car often to keep it looking pristine. You may prefer to wax as you dry, and once the cleaning is over, you notice something dreadful. Your headlights still look cloudy. This is a serious issue because yellowing headlights can drastically affect how well you can drive at night. There is an alternative to asking your mechanic, “What headlight bulb do I need?” Instead, you can clean your headlights to make them work as good as new.

Get a Headlight Lens Restorer

The first thing you should do is make a trip to your local auto parts store and purchase a headlight lens restorer kit. You may also want to get other supplies while you are here, such as a car diagnostic tool or a new bottle of motor oil.

Wash the Headlights

Wash Headlights

While your vehicle is parked in the driveway, you should wash the headlights thoroughly. Do not do anything else until they are completely dry. Ideally, you want to do this in the shade where the sunlight will not impact the cleaning job.

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Apply the Restorer

Next, you will apply a small amount of the restorer onto a cotton towel. You can then work it into the. Headlights by rubbing the cloth in circles. You should continue to do this until all the blurriness is gone. You will repeat this process to the entire headlight, focusing on a single area at a time.

Get Sandpaper and a Clear Coat Spray Paint

The previous steps should make your headlights look cleaner. However, in the event they still need work, then you need to get wet/dry sandpaper, a spray bottle filled with clean water, clear coat spray paint and dry cotton towels.

At this point, you will need to wash your headlights yet again. After you do that, you will apply a mist of water onto 800 grit sandpaper and start working it into the headlight by rubbing it in a circular motion. You want to make sure you keep the paper wet at all times, and you can clean off the lens with the spray if any mess is left behind.

After you wash the lens again, you will repeat this process using 1500 grit sandpaper. Once you do this, you need to let the area dry before applying the clear spray paint. Make sure to follow all of the instructions on the can. Remember to cover any areas that might get paint overspray on them. Before doing the same on the other headlight, you should compare the light to see if you are happy with the results. It is possible the lenses are beyond saving, and you simply need to purchase new ones at this point.

Head Over to Your Local Auto Parts Shop

It is worth it to try to salvage your headlights if you consider yourself a handyman. However, it is good to know when to cut your losses and simply buy new parts at your local auto part store. Contact one near you today if your vehicle is in need of a touch-up.

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