Psychics or mediums are people who are believed to have or claim to have extrasensory capabilities to perceive and interpret paranormal forces. They believe that everyone has an amount of psychic power and will perform readings, which is a session where the psychic analyzes a person’s “aura” to explain a set of circumstances and provide a detail of oncoming future events.

However, many people claim to be psychic, but not all have paranormal abilities. A lot of people are torn between differentiating between a reputable and false psychic. While there are true psychics, there are some who are not who merely take advantage of the people coming to them because they are desperate for answers. Whether you want to do the reading in person or want an online psychic service, here’s how to find a reputable psychic.

Determine What you Seek

Before searching for a psychic, find out what you want to attain from the reading and compare the mediums’ credentials to find one that is best suited to your needs. All of these will help you narrow down to the right psychic before paying any money for a psychic reading.

If possible, make a list. It can include the qualities you want and don’t want to see in a psychic, whether you are looking for guidance in matters of life such as love, wealth, career, a psychic with the same religion as you, help you communicate with a dead relative, etc.?. If you are not sure who to go to, ask for recommendations. Avoid any psychic who claims to have unusual supernatural skills that seem superhuman.


Don’t always bet on the best lists that are online since these might mislead you. Carry out proper research on any psychic medium that you plan to consult before a reading is done. This can be via an Internet search by looking up the person’s name and business or company name to find out basic information and background facts or asking around. During your research, find out more about the rates. Though the majority charge by the hour, this might vary from one area to another. If the price difference between two psychics within your area is huge, ask why.

They won’t Always Be Money Focused

Most reputable psychics will guide the session and ensure that they provide answers that don’t scare or frighten you or promise anything in more than just one session. They will offer both good news and bad news, promising nothing more than an honest reading that doesn’t sound anything supernatural. They will also give you answers and impressions they get, and won’t mind you testing them afterward by asking questions.

Disreputable ones will always try to frighten you by predicting something bad will happen in the future for you or someone you love, then offer to reverse the circumstances using “spells” or “manifestation”.

Sometimes mediums, especially the illegitimate ones who you visit in person, mostly act as if they know you by reading your emotions and character such as your mannerisms, facial expressions, how you and emotions. To avoid this, try to compose your emotions and appearance to prevent you from revealing any information about yourself. Here’s more information on how to find a psychic that will help you find the right one.


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