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Summertime is here again! The rising temperature makes you want to go out in the sun and enjoy the moment with friends and family. There is no doubt that summer is the perfect time to enjoy some outdoor sunshine after staying indoors because of the chilly winds and cold nights. But, with this season comes the unbearable heat that you and your family have to endure, especially when the humid air just wants to envelop you.

Air Conditioning

Since the heat can be too much to take at times, most families rely on their air conditioners to provide some cooling action in-between. If you want to prolong the serviceable life of your unit, here are some tips you need to apply to maintain your air conditioner.

Replace air Filters Regularly

If you ask service providers or technicians all over your area on how to care for your AC unit, they’d probably tell you that it all lies in the regular replacement of air filters. This process is so easy that a person can do it by himself without having the need to call in services from a technician.

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An air filter functions by sifting foreign contaminants such as dirt, dust, and dander from infiltrating respective rooms in your house. However, an air filter only functions effectively if it is not clogged with particles that forces your AC to strain and work harder. Not does this only rack up the electrical bills but, it also compromises the cleanliness of the air you and your family breathe.

Cleaning the Coils

There are components inside your AC unit that is responsible for absorbing heat and coolness inside a room. This is referred to as the coils. When it is filled with dirt, it will function poorly by reducing the amount of heat it absorbs, and taking too long to cool the room.

This will strain your AC unit because it has to work aggressively just to achieve the desired temperature. If you don’t know where the coils are located or how to clean it, you can look for tutorials online or minimize the risk of damaging your unit by calling in an expert to do it.

Make Sure the Fins aren’t Bent

An air conditioning unit consists of a condenser and an evaporator. Each of these components has fins. These fins regulate the airflow that passes through each element and is exposed to the risk of bending over time. Upon cleaning your AC unit, check and evaluate the state of these fins and address the issue immediately if you notice bending. You can buy a fin comb for a remedy or ask in a local service provider to replace it for you.

Check the Compensate Drain

Check the Compensate Drain

This essential component allows the condensation within the AC unit to drain outdoors. When it is clogged, it makes your unit work harder than it should be. Always check this component whenever you are cleaning a unit or have a specialist look in and unclog it.

In a statistical report presented by, nearly 100 million homes in America have air conditioning units installed in their home. 48% of these people admit to calling in an expert or service providers to maintain the unit, as shown in the reports. Some of these maintenance steps are easy to follow. Just be familiar with your unit and where the mentioned components are, and you’re off to a good start. For families that have not yet mounted a unit in their home but are planning to have one can look for service providers specializing in air conditioning installation in Salt Lake City, Utah for a comfortable and relaxed summer.

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