Independence Day

Independence Day is the only day in the whole year that reminds every individual of all the sacrifices that their forefathers gave to get freedom. When we are at school, we get to learn our country’s independence day date and we always remember it, we might forget the birthday of a loved one or a sibling but not independence day date.

Here are Independence Day Dates of 10 Countries:

1. Mexico, Dia de la Independencia

September 16, 1810

Independence day

2. Indonesia, Hari Kemerdekaan

17 August 1945

Independence day

3. Israel, Yom Haatzmaut

28 April 1948

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4. India

15 August, 1947

Independence Day

5. Norway, Syttende Mai

17 May 1905

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6. South Africa, Freedom Day

May 31, 1910

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7. France, Bastille Day

14 July 1789

Independence day


8. Australia, Australia Day

26 January 1901

Independence day

9. Pakistan

14 August 1947

Independence day

10. Turkey

29 October 1923

Independence day


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