How to Make Your Bedroom More Sustainable In 2023 - how to make your garden more sustainable

We are all becoming more aware of how the choices we make and the products we purchase impact our planet. However, being more sustainable can often feel hard, as we have to give something up to be more sustainable. In reality, we only really need to make different choices, which are often better for the environment and our health. So, in fact, it can be a win-win situation. Read on, and discover the simple changes you can make for a more sustainable bedroom in 2023.

Mattresses and Bedding

We spend, on average, a third of our lives in bed, but whether you spend this time in gentle slumber, or tossing and turning all night, can often depend on the mattress and bedding. Your mattress can not only significantly impact your sleep, but it can also have an enormous impact on the environment.

Mattresses are frequently made from polyester, which is created by reacting coal, petroleum from crude oil, water and air together, which is not sustainable or good for the environment. Instead of polyester, you can choose an environmentally friendly and sustainable material like organic bamboo. Bamboo is a fast-growing grass which can be grown without chemicals and improves the soil and the environment around it as it grows. The hybrid bamboo mattress from Panda London is an excellent option, as it is great for the environment and combines everything you need for the perfect night of quality sleep.

Charity shops and upcycled furniture.

Instead of kitting your bedroom out with new furniture and decor, look in your local charity shops for something unique. Then choose a few new to you pieces to match the colour scheme and give them whole new life. These items could be anything from a preloved bedside table that will look fabulous with a fresh coat of paint to pots and jars which can be used for plants or jewellery.

Buying from a charity shop is a tremendous sustainable option, as it cuts down on the resources and energy needed to make new items, stop fabulous things from going to the landfill and gives money to a worthy cause.

Stay cosy with stylish bedding and blankets.

Adding comfortable throws and blankets to your bed is a great way to add layers and create a cosy and stylish-looking bed. It can enable you to turn down the heating and stay cosy, which is brilliant for the environment and your bank account. The great thing about having blankets or throws is that you can easily remove them if you get too hot and snuggle under them on chilly nights.

Grow plants

Plants are brilliant for the environment and us; they clean the air, and green is a relaxing colour that helps us relax and unwind, which is vital to getting a good night’s sleep. Spider plants are a fabulous option, as they are easy to care for and excellent at removing toxins and pollutants from the air, making it cleaner for us to breathe.

Natural washing detergents.

Sheets and bedding should be washed frequently, so changing from standard washing detergents to natural detergents will help reduce the number of harmful chemicals introduced into the environment. This small change will also help to reduce your exposure to chemicals as you sleep on the sheets, which has to be a good thing.

As you can see, making your bedroom more sustainable in 2023 does not have to be complicated or mean giving up everything you love. Making just a few changes to your bedroom can help reduce your environmental impact and create a cosy, sustainable haven. Perfect for sleep and relaxation for this year and many years to come.

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