Job hunting can be a long and painful process. Virtually all of us can relate to the seemingly endless struggle to find the job of our dreams, chain-sending cover letters, constantly rewriting your CV and turning up to interviews with a long line of competitors. With the economic strain brought on by the COVID 19 pandemic, the well of the labour market is running dry and new opportunities are thin on the ground. Degrees, which used to be all but a guarantee of high quality employment, have lost some of their value with graduates struggling to find work in their local supermarket. With these difficulties, it can be hard to know where to start.

Many young people are opting for additional qualifications (typically a Masters degree) to give them an edge over their rivals. But, rather than clamour for highly competitive jobs, an alternative is to simply look outside the box.

Our complex modern world has sprouted an incredibly diverse array of brand new jobs which you might just be perfectly suited to. It is important to bear in mind that behind every peculiar facet of our modern, cosmopolitan lives is a person tasked with ensuring it runs smoothly and that person might be you! These weird and wonderful jobs might give you some inspiration.

Freelance social media manager

It already dictates so many aspects of our lives, influencing our elections and telling us what our interests are so why not cash in on it? Social media is already a multi billion dollar industry with all of our most cherished celebrities, huge multinational companies and crusading human rights organisations pitching up in its vast space. While you might use Facebook or Instagram to connect with your colleagues, businesses –from household names like Google and Coca Cola to your local corner shop– treat social media as a battleground on which to compete for your attention. Most decently sized businesses now employ a full time social media manager to convey important announcements and boost their following. You would be surprised at the amount of time and resources are directed into this area.

So if you have a flair for writing engaging, witty posts and you have a taste for what can go viral, then gather some writing supplies and pitch your services to a local business. Most of the work can be done remotely so you can work from wherever suits you.

Professional queuer

Most British people could already boast an impressive history of queuing to add to their CV for this role. Luxury fashion brands, tech companies like Sony and major department stores have begun advertising their upcoming lucrative products in advance to build up hype. This leads to large queues which can last days at a time. As such, some agencies have hired professional queuers to wait it out on the behalf of a wealthy client. If you have strong legs and a good capacity to cope with boredom, this might be the job of your dreams.

Pet psychologist

This job definitely falls into the ‘strange’ category. Pets are more spoiled than ever, to the point that their owners are employing animal ‘experts’ to read the moods of their household critters and suggest solutions. Do you like animals enough to delve into their innermost thoughts? Then it might be time to switch up your career.

We should all look for a career that satisfies us, however left-field it may be. So keep that advice in mind next time you go on a job hunt.


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