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Winter is in full swing, and spring is just around the corner, meaning it’s time to mix up the wardrobe and prepare for warmer weather. Instead of supporting you with clothing choices, we’ve gathered together the seven must-have men’s accessories for spring 2023.


Male jewelry is a great way to complement your outfit, but don’t let it take the limelight. As a benchmark, you should try and keep it to no more than one or two pieces per wrist. However, if you’re itching for more, we recommend investing in a high-quality ring because they have meaning. In days gone by, men would kiss the rings on their king’s fingers to show submission. Today, rings have many different meanings including military service. When choosing a ring, make sure it stands out from the crowd – visit https://louiskrudo.com/ for some really unique rings.

Tie Bars

There’s nothing worse than putting the effort into picking the perfect tie just to have the wind blow it all over the place. You can never go wrong with a tie clip, which will keep your tie flushed against your shirt. Further, it will help to add an air of class to your outfit. When it comes to placement, the perfect position is just above the center.

Trendy Pens

A pen may not feel like an obvious accessory because it won’t be on show. However, if you ever need to write your signature, it might as well be in style. If you’ve ever browsed at premium pens, you’ll know some of them cost the same amount as a watch. The materials used and the style of the pen make a huge difference to the flow of writing.

Stylish Wallets

A wallet says a lot about a man, like how organized (or not) they are. If you have a wallet crammed full, it looks a bit ugly, and it’ll be weighing you down all day. Luckily, there are plenty of choices and styles for an upgrade including:

1. Slim wallets. Extremely narrow and more discreet – designed for a cashless age.

2. Bifold. A classic – one fold to give you instant access.

3. Breast pocket wallet. Quite a large wallet, but it will make a statement.

4. Trifold. Two folds. Slightly larger than a bifold but with more space.

5. Money clip. Got cash? Get a money clip wallet.

Pocket Squares

If you tend to wear suits, we recommend accessorizing with a pocket square. Not only do they look fantastic, but it’s also an affordable way to express your personality. You will never run out of choice because they come in all types of patterns including stripes, paisley, checks, and polka dots.

Panama Hats

Spring brings with it a dash of sun and a little more heat, which is why we recommend a Panama hat. These trendy hats look similar to a fedora, but they’ll protect you from the heat. Made from straw, your head will breathe easily.

Accessorizing in spring 2023 is all about making statements without being overbearing. You don’t need to spend a fortune; you just need to pick the right styles to complement your look.


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