Tips for lifestyle photography of newborn - newborn photography tips

Today we are going to talk about a very reverent type of photography – lifestyle photography of newborns. We can see a large number of staged photos with stylized clothing, baskets, and other props. But with great emotion and trepidation at heart, parents will revisit their baby’s lifestyle photos. How the baby bathed, slept, smiled, pulled up, or how his mother’s hands gently bathed him in the baby bath. All this is important to capture for a lasting memory. Very gentle pictures are taken in calm shades. By the way, if you want to know more about colors, read more about Adobe RGB vs sRGB on Skylum`s blog.

Pay particular attention to details

The newborn period lasts for the first 28 days of a little person’s life. During this period he sleeps most of the time, and his actions are not so diverse, so you need to catch every movement. Be attentive, and take pictures of every change in the baby’s mood. Children at this age grimace unknowingly and may change facial expressions 5-6 times in a minute. Of course, they often cry, but even at that moment, you can manage to make a very cute picture. For example, at a moment when their mother with all her love is trying to calm them down and cheer them up. Already an adult, it will be very interesting to see:

● the crib he slept in;
● the blanket he was covered with;
● the bathtub where he had bathed every day;
● and even what his favorite pacifier was.

All of this should be the subject of a lifestyle photo.

Tips for lifestyle photography of newborn - newborn photography tips

The best place for a lifestyle photoshoot is in the home

Why is it that the most successful newborn photos are taken at home? Because these shots are as realistic as possible, and they do not have the effect of staging. In fact, parents carry out their daily rituals of caring for a newborn, and you need to capture each of them.

Another plus is that each of your photo shoots will be original because all the families and their homes are different. This way, you’ll build up a large number of different lifestyle newborn photo shoots.

Also, don’t forget to shoot in different rooms, or even walk around the house. So, you’ll create a story of the beginning of a little person’s life and display every detail of their first place of life.

The best place for a lifestyle photoshoot is in the home - finding great photography locations near me

Have time to take shots during the first 10 days of your newborn’s life

Of course, after this period the baby’s activity and variety of emotions will be greater, but at this time the baby reacts less to what’s going on around them and the process of shooting will be easier. They react less to light, which is also important. Also, there are certain physical skin changes after birth that become pronounced after the first 10 days. Simply put, there will be fewer skin imperfections (like acne) that you need to edit in post-processing.

Consider in advance what equipment you will need

Of course, the main thing in this photoshoot is a newborn, but for the frames to get the best quality – take responsibility for the selection of equipment.

Home conditions mean a small space and poor lighting for photos. To overcome this problem, you should use:

● A full-frame camera, whose sensor will help you get rid of noise and blur, in dim conditions;

● A wide-angle lens to help you take pictures in a small child’s bedroom;
● A macro lens to capture the smallest details;
● A reflector (portable and easy to transport).

Don’t be afraid to bring extra equipment. Every scene is different, and you will need lots of them.

Natural light

If you have bright natural light in the house, that’s great! A camera flash can scare a newborn, which can stop the process of filming for a long time. Parents will wait for the flash moment and try to play along at that moment, which will give the photo a lack of realism. You can take a portrait shot with the newborn by the window with the faces under bright natural light. Take more shots in a room with lots of windows, or go for a walk around the house. By the way, you get successful shots of the walk in the evening and morning, when the refraction of the sun and shadows creates a variety of effects.

Natural light

Be ready for anything!

Anything can happen while photographing a newborn baby. He is not yet able to regulate his own body condition. You need to react calmly to the fact that the baby may poop, regurgitate, or whatnot; and give time for the parents to correct such problems. Parents will be very grateful for your patience and understanding, and will probably recommend you as a specialist to their friends and acquaintances.

Final words

Newborn lifestyle photography is an incredibly enjoyable process in a family atmosphere, but don’t forget that it is also a big responsibility! These shots will be treasured more and more every year in the life of the family. Experiment with lighting, and style, and don’t forget about post-processing. Try to filter colors differently, that way one picture can turn into several different ones. By the way, if you’re interested in color theory you can learn more about Adobe RGB vs sRGB on Skylum`s blog.


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