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An estimated 40 million Americans relocate every year, according to an article in the USA Today. As exciting as it is to move to a new home, there’s a bit of sadness in saying goodbye to your old home. Whether you are moving due to a better job opportunity, a more affordable area, or to a warmer climate, leaving your old place behind can turn out to be complicated.

Leaving a home you’ve been tied to for a long time can be difficult

A home isn’t just bricks, wood and mortar; it’s a sanctuary after a hard day of work, a haven where family members connect and spend quality time, and a place where we celebrate major life events. Even when you are relocating for positive reasons, it’s still emotionally tough to say farewell to your treasured non-living member of your family. Here are some strategies to give you the closure you need before you move.

Take Photographs

Realizing that you can’t relive the special moments you had in your old home can be stressful. Luckily, you can keep those memories alive by taking lots of pictures. Find a good camera, and start photographing everything, from the rooms, garage, to your yard. Remember to include spontaneous shots and videos of your family members, and also take photos of everyone’s favorite spots in the neighborhood such as the kids’ playground, local park, and school.

The shots you take deserve a life outside your camera. Create a special folder on your computer, print the best images, and include a caption in each of them. Even better, you can have your special home photos painted down or drawn by an artist. Custom artwork specialists like Instapainting can help you with this. You can hang your painting at your new home or store it in a special place, and retrieve it whenever you are feeling nostalgic.

Organize a House-Leaving Party

Your house has sheltered you from the dangers of the world outside and helped you relax after long and exhausting days. It has earned a proper farewell party. Although it may be difficult throwing a big party just days before your move, having a modest celebration is an excellent opportunity to say good-bye to your old house and local pals.

Invite people who have a connection to the house, including immediate family members, and neighbors. Chances are you’ll lose touch with them when you relocate. Prepare a meal or consider a barbecue, and share the good memories you’ve had together at the house. Don’t forget to capture the moments.

Make Your Mark

There are endless ways to leave a personal mark on your old house. Some of the most popular methods are to carve your initials on a tree, leave your handprints on wet cement, or bury an object containing a coded message in your backyard. You can also leave your trace by writing something underneath a shelf, in the basement or attic without causing any damage. All these options will give you comfort that there is still a piece of you at your old home.

Take Something Meaningful With You

home interiorRemember your old sanctuary in a fun, unusual way

Although unusual, taking something out of your old house can help alleviate your grief. This isn’t about a piece of your personal possessions, which will be transported to your final destination anyway. Rather, it’s a precious souvenir that holds value to you. You can take a small transplantable shrub and replanting it in your new place, remove old doorknobs, or take out the door frame where you measured your kids’ height. Just make sure you replace them.

Wrapping Up

After you’ve lived in a house for a significant period, you get to create many happy memories. The thought of leaving behind the old home and all the positive energy around it can be difficult to bear. The tips above will ease your transition when relocating, and help you to fondly remember your good old residence.

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