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Who does not like sarcasm? I just love to read and share funny, cool and humorous sarcastic quotes images on my social media accounts. I must say while you are working, you come across funny sarcastic quotes it will definitely make you laugh out loud. And, if you are feeling blue or having a bad day then reading some Inspirational and Motivational quotes will certainly pull you out of the darkness.

I am a sarcasm lover and that I decided to create this to provide Best and Funny Sarcastic Quotes Images to our readers that include short sarcastic quotes to make it easy to post them as status. Things get more interesting when we get to read funny sarcastic relationship quotes. Trust me, I personally search for epic relationship quotes to pinch and tease my lady.

Funny Sarcastic Quotes with Images

  • I’m not always rude and sarcastic sometimes I’m asleep

best sarcastic quotes

  • Queen’s Don’t Complete with Hoes.

Top Funny Quotes

  • You Inspire my Inner Serial Killer.

Funny Sarcastic Quotes

  • When Social Distance is Over, Let’s Not Tell Some People.

Top snarky quotes

  • Aliens Probably Ride Past Earth And Lock Their Doors….

Extra Funny Quotes

  • Remember If You Can’t Say Something Nice… Make it Funny

Top Funny Quotes

  • I Just Rolled My Eyes So Hard I Saw My Brain

Positive Quotes

  • The Stuff You Heard About Me Is A Lie, I’m Way Worse

Top Cool Funny Quotes

  • Grammar. The Difference Between Knowing Your Shit And Knowing You’re Shit.

Funny Witty Quotes

  • An Apple A Day Keeps Anyone Away If You Through It Hard Enough

Funny Quotes

  • Cancel My Subscription! Your Issues Are Not Worth My Time And Effort.

Top Snarky Quotes

  • Being Hated & Ignored Makes My Life A Whole Lot easier to manage.

Very Funny & Craziest Quotes

  • “I am Not Young Enough to Know Everything.”

Best Quotes

  • “Mirrors Can’t Talk, lucky For You They Can’t Laugh Either.”

Funny Quotes

  • “If Anything Can Go Wrong, it Will.”

Top Crazy & Funny Quotes

  • ”Mirrors Can’t Talk Lucky For You They Can’t laugh Either”.

Funny Quotes

  • Actually, The Entire Universe Does Revolve Around Me!

Crazy Funny Quotes

  • Boy: Do You Have Any Sense?   Girl: Ya, Do You Want Same?

funny sarcastic quotes

  • If You’re Too Open-Minded Your Brains Will Fall Out.

funny relationship quotes

  • Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver.

funny sarcastic quotes

  • ”Mirrors Can’t Talk, Lucky For You They Can’t laugh Either”

sarcastic quotes for Facebook

  • “I am Not Young Enough To Know Everything”

best sarcastic quotes

  • I Never Forget A Face. But in Your Case, I’ll be Glad To Make An Expectation.

funny sarcastic quotes

  • Marriage has No Guarantees. If That’s What You’re Looking For, Go Live With A Car Battery.

best funny quotes

  • Please Don’t Interrupt Me When I’m Ignoring You.

best sarcastic quotes for instagram

  • If You Listen Closely You Care Hear Me Not Caring.

If you listen closely you care hear me not caring.

  • I Correct Autocorrect More than Autocorrect Corrects Me.

best sarcastic quotes

  • You’re just like math. I hate math

Funny Quotes

  • I have multiple personalities and none of them I like you

You Are Living Proof That God has a Sense of Humor (1)

  • You Look Like A Before Picturefunny sarcastic quotes

  • You are living proof that God has a sense of humor

Very funny quotes

  • Sometimes when I close my eyes…I can’t see

best funny quotes

  • People are usually shocked when they find out I’m not a very good electrician

latest Funny Quotes

  • I’m sorry did I roll my eyes out loud?

best sarcastic quotes for instagram

  • I know I’m a handful but that’s why you got two hands’ best sarcastic quotes for instagram

  • If ever say ”Do you want me to be the honest” Say no.

Funny quotes for instagram

  • Guys with an eye patch and three fingers sell the best fireworks

sunky quotes for instagram

  • Are you always so stupid or is today a special occasion? – Top Snarky Quotes

sarcastic quotes for facebook

  • You can’t photoshop your ugly personality

funny quotes for facebook

  • SHHH no one cares

Snarky quotes for facebook

  • Dear phone, If you don’t light up so many times to tell me you had a low battery, You wouldn’t have died so quickly

Funky quotes for facebook

  • A woman’s apology, I’m sorry but it was your fault – Top Funny Quotes

Sarcastic Memes

  • Sometimes I question my sanity. Occasionally it replies sarcasm quotes

  • Money talks mine always says ”Goodbye”

funny relationship quotes

  • Life us to short be serious all the time. So if you can’t laugh at yourself call me.. I,ll laugh at you

funny relationship quotes for Facebook


  • I need to special distance from the kitchen. I tested positive for fat ass

funny relationship quotes

  • Zombies eat brains. Don’t worry, You’re safe – Positive Funny Quotes sarcastic funny quotes on life

  • If only closed minds came with closed mouths

positive funny quotes

  • There are two types of people in the world

      1. People who understand and appreciate sarcasm
      2. Idiots

funniest quotes ever

  • Your Sound Better With Your Mouth

funniest quotes

  • Remember When I Asked For Your Opinion – Funny Sarcastic Quotes

snarky quotes

  • My Alone Time is Sometimes For You Safety

sarcastic funny quotes on life

  • It’s ok if you disagree with me. I can’t force you to be right

Intelligent Quotes

  • My Level of Sarcasm Has Gotten to the Point to Where I Don’t Even Know if I’m Kidding or Not

funny sarcastic quotes

  • Me: Goodnight.  Brain: Pssst  Me: What?  Brain: What Disease Do You Think We Have? – Best Funny Quotes

best funny quotes

  • Once Upon a Time, I Was Sweet and Innocent. And Then Shit Happened

best sarcastic quotes for instagram

  • I Wish People Come With a 30 Second Tailor. So I Can See What I’m Getting Myself Into

Cool Funny Quotes

  • It’s okay if you don’t like me. Not everyone has good taste

funny sarcastic quotes

  • My Doctor asked if anyone in my family suffers from mental illness. I said: ”No, we all seem to enjoy it” – Sarcastic Funny Quotes on Life

funny quotes

  • People need to start appreciating the effort I put in to not be a serial killer

best funny quotes

  • Why was the cook arrested? He was began an egg

sarcastic quotes for facebook

  • Be careful what you tell people A Friend Today could be an Enemy tomorrowsarcasm quotes

  • Don’t Underestimate My Ability to find shit out – Snarky Quotes

funny relationship quotes

  • Only two things change in your life. Your age and you outlook

positive funny quotes

  • You Reminded Me of a Penny. Two-Faced, and no worth much

funniest quotes ever

  • You were my cup of tea, But i drink champagne now

snarky quotes

  • I Need to teach my facial expressions. How to use inside their voice – Funny Relationship Quotes

Top Funny Quotes

  • Mirrors Don’t lie And Lucky For You They Don’t Laugh

snarky quotes

  • My Boss Told Me to Have a Good Day So I Went to Home

sarcastic funny quotes on life

  • I love sarcasm it’s like punching in the face but with word

Cool funny Quotes

  • After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says WTF

best sarcastic quotes

  • Common sense is like deodorant. The people who need it most never use it – Funny Sarcastic Quotes

funny sarcastic quotes

  • I’m actually not funny, I’m just mean and people think I’m joking

funny sarcastic quotes

  • Sometimes it’s not the people who change, it’s the mask that falls off.

Cool Funny Quotes

  • What’s a queen without her king? Well historically speaking, more powerful

Top funny quotes

  • ‘They say good things take time ….That’s why I’m always late

best sarcastic quotes

  • I’m sorry, I don’t take orders. I barely take suggestions – Top Sarcasm Quotes

funny sarcastic quotes

  • Just burned 2000 calories trying to avoid someone I know at Walmart

best funny quotes

  • Please cancel my subscription to your issues

best sarcastic quotes for instagram

  • I’m 99% angle, but ohhhh,that 1%

sarcastic quotes for facebook

  • It’s ok if you don’t like me. Not everyone has perfect taste. Funny Quotes for Daily life

sarcasm quotes

  • I like sleeping because it’s like being dead without the commitment

funny relationship quotes

  • Not a single one of my multiple personalities like you

funky quotes for idiots

  • If Someone Asks “Are You Crazy?” Simply Reply “Yes.” Boom. End of Discussion.

positive funny quotes

  • My Doctor asked if Anyone in my Family Suffers Form Mental Illness. I Said: “No, We All Seen to Enjoy it.

funniest quotes ever

  • Feed Your Own EGO I’M BUSY – Cool Funny Quotes

snarky quotes

  • I am Not Lazy I am on Energy Saving Mode

sarcastic funny quotes on life

  • My Luck is Like a Bald Guy Who Just Won a Comb

Cool funny Quotes


funky quotes for idiots

  • “I’m not a hot mess I’m a spicy disaster”

Top funny quotes

  • Please Cancel my Subscription to Your Issues – Top Funny Quotes

funky quotes for idiots

  • Life Is Full Of Disappointments And I Just Added You To The

    Cool Funny Quotes

  • Everything you’ve Ever Wanted is on the Other Side of FearFunny Sarcastic Quotes

  • I wish Everything was as Getting FatTop funny quotes

  • Trust me you Can Dance VodkaSarcastic Quotes with Images

  • Some People Just Need High Five – Sarcastic Funny Quotes on LifeFunny Sarcastic Quotes

  • Never Take Advice from me You will End up Drunkbest sarcastic quotes

  • I Hope One Day you Choke on the Shit you TalkFunny Sarcastic Quotes

  • Hey i found your Nose it was in my Businessbest funny quotes

  • I would Slap you But Shit Slapttersbest sarcastic quotes for instagram

  • TOUGH TIMES DON’T LAST, TOUGH PEOPLE DO – Snarky Quotessarcastic quotes for facebook

  • Don’t Study me, you won’t Graduatesarcasm quotes

  • Here is a Tissue you have a Little Lip Bullshit on your LipTop Funny Quotes

  • The Trash Gets Picked up tomorrow be Readybest funny quotes

  • Shhh no One Caressarcasm quotes

  • Bitch Please your Birth Certificate is an Apology Letter from the Condom Factory – Funniest Quotes Qversnarky quotes

  • IF YOUR PHONE DOESN’T ITS MEpositive funny quotes

  • IM NOT INSULTING YOU I AM DESCRIBING YOUfunny relationship quotes

  • MARRIAGE WHEN DATING GOES TOO FARfunniest quotes ever


  • MY ALONE TIME IS SO SOMETIMES FOR YOUR SAFETY – Positive Funny QuotesCool Funny Quotes

  • MY BOSS TOLD ME TO HAVE A GOOD DAY – Funny Sarcastic Quotesfunky quotes for idiots

  • I’M IN A GOOD PLACE RIGHT NOW NOT EMOTIONALY I AMfunny quotes for daily life

  • A POEM ABOUT ME I HATE MORNINGSarcastic Quotes with Images



  • Reason Why I’m So Unpopular: I Have Everyone – Funny Relationship Quotes

snarky quotes


  • OF COURSE I TALK TO MY SELF SOMETIMES I NEED EXPERT ADVICEbest sarcastic quotes for instagram

  • THIS WEATHER CONFUSES MY NIPPLESsarcastic quotes for facebook

  • HOW TO BE A GROWNUP AT WORK – Sarcasm Quotessarcasm quotes

  • Oh, my Bad. I’m Sorry for Bothering you.funny relationship quotes

  • Oh, you’re Dating my ex Cool, I’m Eating a Sandwich… want those Leftovers toopositive funny quotes

  • OH DARLING GO BUY A PERSONALITYfunniest quotes ever

  • THE LAST TIME I SAW SOMETIMES LIKE YOU I FLUSHED IT – Sarcastic Quotes for Facebooksnarky quotes

  • YOU REMIND ME OF PENNY TWO FACE AND NOT WORTH MUCHsarcastic funny quotes on life

  • My Family want me to get Married Asap But won’t let me go to the corner of the shop myself after 9Cool funny Quotes

  • Take me Back to the night we met, I’ll Leave you there.funky quotes for idiots

  • If you Treat me Like Option, I’ll Leave you like Choice – Best  Sarcastic Quotes for InstagramTop funny quotes


  • I don’t Believe in Plastic Surgery. But in your case, go ahead.

funny sarcastic quotes

  • If I wanted to kill myself I would climb your ego and jump to your IQ.

best funny quotes

  • Are you Always so Stupid or is today a Special Occasion – Best Funny Quotes

best sarcastic quotes for instagram

  • It’s okay if you don’t like me. Not Everyone has Good Taste.

sarcastic quotes for facebook

  • My family want me to Get Married Asap but Won’t let me go to the Corner Shop myself After ‘9’

sarcasm quotes

  • Take me Back to the night we met, I’ll Leave you there.

funny relationship quotes

  • I CRIED WHEN YOU LEFT ME, – Funny Sarcastic Quotespositive funny quotes

  • Oh, my Bad. I’m sorry for bothering you. I Forgot I only exist when you need me for Something

funniest quotes ever

  • Oh, you’re dating my ex Cool, I’m eating a Sandwich… want those Leftovers too

snarky quotes


sarcastic funny quotes on life

  • Sorry Honey. Sarcasm Falls out of my Mouth, just like Stupid Falls from yours. – Best Sarcastic Quotes

Top funny quotes


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