Seniors to Opt for Separate Living

Time Passes by

Isn’t it very interesting how quickly time passes by? Yesterday, you reached your 20 and were thinking about what life had prepared for you. Today, you are already 55 or even above, but the same thought keeps coming over and over. What to do with the rest of my life? How to organize it? Where to live and with whom? At this point in your life, you have already made a lot. You have managed to accumulate a great deal of knowledge and experience, learned what true friendship means and built resilient connections with people you love. No matter whether you have created your own family or not, 55 is the age when one silent thought reminds you that it’s the time to change something.

Living Separately

At first glance, this idea sounds bizarre and can result in fears and misunderstandings. However, it has to be made clear that living separately does not translate into living in complete loneliness. On the contrary, it means living with seniors like you in special facilities. The latter provides you with a range of benefits and services to use and to enjoy. Living separately embraces your love of freedom and ensures that you organize your life the way you want. It also means that you get access to a welcoming community with professional staff kept at arm’s length. The staff at senior living or assisted living communities is trained to provide you with quality care. Senior living venues come in two major categories. To choose your type of retirement community, continue reading.

Independent Living

Adults who are sure that they do not need any type of help to organize their everyday lives are welcome to opt for this category. As the word “independent” suggests, you will be living by yourself. This does not mean that you will be doing everything on your own: communities usually provide transportation and cleaning services for instance. This tells you that you will be in charge of organizing your everyday activities and live in either a neighborhood, apartment complex, or a single large building. Of course, you always hold the right to choose more services you find necessary for your peace of mind.

Assisted Living

Less independent adults don’t worry. There is an option for you too, called assisted living. This option has been created for those seniors, who still want to decide on their time themselves, but who need more support in everyday activities. In such cases, retirement communities usually offer medication assistance, help with transportation, grooming, bathing, meals, and a lot more. Even if you require special care conditions, such as licensed nursing, there are still options you can consider. The bottom line is that you will be able to find the community you want if you know what your needs are.

Eugene, OR Retirement Community

Those of you living in Eugene or having the opportunity to travel to this beautiful city are more than welcome to visit Willamette Oaks Senior Living Community. It is famous for its unique and senior-centered approach to living separately and offers a broad spectrum of services and amenities to choose from. Most importantly, Willamette Oaks offers you a chance to socialize with like-minded people and spend quality time engaged in various activities. However, if you would like to dedicate your time only to yourself, you will still be given all the benefits of separate living. Make sure to consider this opportunity to restart your life by relocating to this beautiful community and seizing every single day.


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