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Videos take time to plan, record, and edit – and the budget required is often significant as well. Considering the investment that you’re putting into them, don’t you think it would be best to take full advantage of their potential and use them in as many ways as possible?

Make no mistake there are lots of ways that you can reuse and repurpose video content. However some of the more interesting ideas involve actually spinning off your videos into other types of content.

That may take a little bit more work, but it will let you expand the use of your videos significantly.

Create an Article Based on the Video

If one of your videos is performing well, odds are an article on the same topic would do just as well.

It is easier than you might think to create an article based on a video. To start you should transcribe the video, and then edit that transcription into the content of the article if necessary.

In some cases you may not even need to edit the transcript at all – though adding a few subheadings can help to make it less of a wall of text. However in others more extensive editing may be necessary.

After that you can take screenshots from the video so that you have some images that complement your article. That should be all that you need to produce a worthy article based on your video.

Produce a Podcast from Informative Videos

Informative videos often make for good podcasts, though the one caveat is that the voiceover needs to be able to stand on its own two feet. If it does you can produce a podcast fairly easily by extracting the audio track.

Extracting the audio track from a video is quite straightforward, and for example you could convert WebM to MP3 online using Online Video Converter.

Be sure to review the audio track to make sure that it doesn’t reference visual content too much. If it does you may want to trim those parts, and record additional audio that is more descriptive.

Compile the Best Clips from Similar Videos

If you have created lots of videos about similar topics, you can compile some of the best clips from them to create some very interesting new videos.

For example if you are creating travel videos about different destinations, you could compile some clips from your various videos into ‘5 Greatest Landscapes Throughout Asia’ or ‘5 Most Exciting Types of Foods in Europe’, and so on.

People generally enjoy lists, and your existing videos will provide you with all the material that you need. On your part all you need to do is curate the content, figure out what angle and theme to use, then extract highlights and compile them into a new video. It may help to record a new voiceover to narrate your video if need be.

Create Visual Content Using Screenshots

To be perfectly honest there are lots of other types of visual content that you can create from your videos using screenshots, including images, montages, and slideshows.

For images you will need to capture screenshots of specific frames look impressive and stand on their own. At most you may want to add a caption to the image, and you can then publish it on social media.

However more often than not it is easier to capture several screenshots that can be linked together – either as a photo montage or a slideshow. The former is better for social media, while the latter can be published on platforms such as SlideShare.


By this point not only should you have several practical ideas that you can use to spin off your own video content – but you should be starting to see how it is done. Every part of your video can be repurposed, from its visuals to its audio.

All said and done however it is up to you to decide which options you want to pursue. Although each will require a bit of extra work on your part, it will let you take full advantage of every video that you produce and capitalize on its potential far more effectively.

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