Subaru Maintenance

Did you just buy a new Subaru? If so, congratulations! You have purchased one of the best cars on the road today. Naturally, like any tangible investment, you’d like to keep it pristine condition as along as possible. Thankfully, there are a number of things that you can do to keep your Subaru looking and running great. Here’s our list.

Know Your Subaru

All the operational details involved with using your new Subaru are covered by your owner’s manual. Take a little time to understand how everything works. Cars today are far more complex than the used to be so knowing more about the various systems on-board can only make your car ownership experience more rewarding.

Change Oil Regularly

Change Oil Regularly

The fundamentals of any car’s maintenance involves changing your oil regularly. Every vehicle needs clean oil in order to run efficiently and prevent engine damage. For your new Subaru, Winner Subaru (Dover, DE) suggests you check your manual for its recommendations on frequency of oil changes and make a mental note of its frequency. Your manual will also give you details on recommended types of oil, amount, and the frequency that the oil filter should be changed also.

Monitor Fluids

Besides your Subaru’s oil, keep your eyes on the other critical fluids under the hood too. These may include power steering, radiator, brake, and windshield washer fluid. Refer to your owner’s manual if you’re unclear about where these fluids are located. In general, its a good idea to check these fluids once a month or so. Most of the time you won’t see any change in the fluid level but if you do, you may be able to catch a problem before it gets worse.

While you’re busy under the hood, its not a bad idea to do a quick scan of other engine components. Check for any corrosion around your battery terminals, for example. Note any wear or cracking on your radiator belts. And, note if you see any fluid leaks of any sort. Take your car to a mechanic if you see any of these issues.

Maintain Tire Health

Maintain Tire Health

Get in the habit of scanning your tires for damage and wear periodically. Its amazing how few people do this. Recognizing signs of tire distress early on can prevent problems down the road. Especially pay attention to any signs of uneven tread wear on the surface of the tires themselves.

And for the number one maintenance item on your list: check your tires air pressure frequently. If you want to achieve the best gas mileage and keep your tires wearing evenly, check and top off your tire’s air pressure every month.

You should make sure you get your Subaru’s wheels rotated and aligned at least once a year. Regular alignment and rotation ensures that your tires maintain even tread as they wear.

Your Subaru Maintenance Plan

At the end of the day, you will help your Subaru last a lot longer than usual if you are attentive. Inspect your vehicle on a weekly basis so that you can discover problems before they become damaged. Good luck and enjoy your Subaru.

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