submersible pump

A submersible pump is the best and sometimes only choice if the pump is likely to get wet. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for mine dewatering systems, a well pump, bilge pump or even a backup system in case your property floods.

Of course if you have a submersible pump at home then it is most likely to be for your well or as a backup if you frequently have issues with flood water. The problem with both these uses is that you can’t afford for the pump to fail; you’ll be left without water or have a flooded house while you find a new pump.

Of course you can buy a new pump from a reputable supplier but it is better to know when the submersible pump needs replacing so that you can plan for it.

Flow Rate

The first indicator that your submersible pump is starting to reach the end of its life is when the flow rate starts to slow down. This indicates that there is either a blockage in the pipes or that the pump motor is starting to fail.

It is important to verify that your pipes are clear and get an electrician to check your pump before it actually fails.


If the pump starts to make loud noises or any unusually sounds then you need to have it checked. This is a good indicator that the pump is starting to wear out or something else is going wrong with you system.

Spitting Air

If you turn on your faucet and find that it spits air before the water starts to flow then there is a good chance that your pump has developed a leak or another issue which allows air in. This is another sign that the pump is likely to fail soon. You should get it checked and repaired or replaced.

High Electric Bills

If your electricity bill shoots up and there is no obvious reason for it then you should check your water pump. It may have become faulty and need to run continuously in order to maintain your water pressure. Of course this will place a much larger strain on your pump which will wear it out even faster; leaving you without a pump and needing a new one quickly!

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Expansion Tank Pressure Loss

If your expansion tank seems to be unable to hold its pressure then it is possible that the tank has a faulty bladder or other component. This will force your pump to work harder in order to maintain pressure. Anything that makes your pump work harder will lead to it wearing out much quicker. You need to sort this issue quickly while your pump is still working.

Water Loss

If for any reason there is not enough water for your pump to work properly it is imperative that you switch the pump off quickly. If you don’t then the pump will continue to run. However, without water flowing through it the pump will quickly overheat which can lead to irreparable damage.

If you think there is something not right with your pump it is important to get it checked and repaired as quickly as possible. If you don’t the problem is likely to get worse and end up with you needing a new pump.

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